Mission Organization | Closet Rescue

 Mission Organization | Closet Rescue

This is it! The Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Challenge. Join 3 bloggers as we makeover our closets and let’s all head into fall with less chaos and more order in our lives.

So last week around here a challenge was issued for a closet makeover. When two fellow bloggers responded, we decided it would be a fun collaborative project. It quickly turned into “Mission Organization | Closet Rescue”! Which means you’ll have three others walking this harrowing journey with you – 3 times the ideas, 3 times the perspectives, 3 times the prizes. Yay prizes!

The original idea looked a little more like this

budget friendly closet challenge
Who’s up for a little challenge?

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With what you have … a few things to overcome?

See that last line up there? “With what you have.” Let’s talk about that for just a minute.

Now, I don’t know about you, but most of us have these little running conversations in our heads. They’re all different but they often contain what counselor-types call “negative self-talk”.  Whether it’s about not making our bed, or exfoliating, or eating enough veggies, or using our kind patient words with our children … you get the idea, right?! And somehow in the midst of these mini-rants we give much more weight to our liabilities than our assets.

Because of this sad little bent that we all seem to have, those words, “With what you have” can come across as a bit heavy, judgemental and even exclusive if you will. We all come to these conversations with our own hidden list of inadequacies. Like …

… a teeny tiny space to work with

… a firm belief that we do not possess even one creative bone in our body

… too many family and job responsibilities to even think about pinning a few DIY projects much less the time to complete them.

… a lack of energy for a myriad of reasons that make taking the first step nigh impossible

Whew, too many inadequacies here, my friend!

With what you have … How about a few assets!

The beautiful thing is that we also have certain assets at any given time. Like …

… a creative ability to make something magical with a bit of patience and some modge podge

… access to loads of scrap wood and an expert carpenter

… financial resources that allow for the purchasing of organizational tools that are so cool there’s no need for even the slightest of personal touches

… a desire to make a change and just enough courage to go for it

Good news! These assets and liabilities may come and go through various seasons of our lives. That’s where the beauty of “With what you have” comes in.

Let me introduce you to Tori from Mess to Blessed

Tori from messtoblessed.com

Tori is a lifestyle blogger who lives in an old farmhouse with her husband, their four kids and a variety of animals. She’s addicted to flavored coffee and I know you’ll enjoy her blog and it’s range of topics from faith and family to DIY, organization and her regular Friday Funny feature. Tori claims her biggest liability for this project to be a teeny tiny closet with a slanted ceiling, along with the time constraints of a Mama involved in her church and kids school life too.

You can pause right now and follow her on instagram @messtoblessed, on pinterest @ Mess to Blessed and on facebook @ Mess to Blessed – click on each of the underlined links to go straight to her pages.

 Let me introduce you to Amanda from Life on the Bay Bush

Amanda from lifeonthebaybushblog.com

Amanda is also a lifestyle blogger who lives on a farm with her hubby and three girls. Her loves include – family, DIY projects, Coke zero, Disney and her church family. With all daughters, you may find a little more pink on her blog in the midst of her passion for repurposing old things into something new and beautiful. Won’t it be fun to follow along on her adventures! Amanda would say that though she is blessed with a walk-in closet, it has quickly become a storage area for her girl’s treasures waiting to be passed on to others.

Go ahead and pause right now to follow her on instagram @ thebaybush, on pinterest @ life on the bay bush and on facebook @ life on the bay bush blog – click on each of the underlined links to go straight to her pages.

So what do you have?

A few friends and a desire to make chores fun? That’s exactly how this collaborative series  started. We are each in different seasons and bring different assets and liabilities to the table. So in the coming weeks, you’ll find three different approaches to tackling the chaos that is our closets. One of us may choose to use more ready-made organizational systems while another opts for old diaper boxes. Another may craft everything from a tree they felled with an old hand saw, just kidding that’ll never happen.  

Bottom line – each makeover will be different because we all bring different things to the table and have our own unique goals for our space. There is no right or wrong here … can I get an amen!

The one thing we have in common? Wanting a more organized and quieted closet and the understanding that everything is more fun when done with friends!

Here’s what you can look forward to …

For the next few weeks, we’ll be tackling one step in this process each week. The first week we’ll be purging and thinking through closet goals, yes #closetgoals is a hashtag. Then you’ll need a weekend break before we get to week two – DIY projects and ideas to spur your own creativity, and yes, believe it or not, you do have some of that! And we’ll wrap it all up on week 3 with some final closet reveals, just in time to restock those cozy sweaters and fun boots for fall!

Granted this is not my bedroom closet, but trust me, chaotic closets are not unique to any of us at some point!Taming this basement closet over the summer is incentive enough to tackle the bedroom closet!

How do you fit in here?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! We would love for y’all to grab a friend or two or 12 and join us. We would even recommend a purging party, it’s so much more fun with a buddy … and chocolate, obviously! In that process you can knock around some goals and start dreaming of what you want for your space. We won’t judge one bit if that requires a little coffee get together too.

Share your own pics of your process via e-mail to blog@somuchmoore.net, either the final week or after each relevant post. We would LOVE to see things like your before pic or maybe a giveaway pile if you deem your before picture too revealing – though we don’t believe they could be much worse than that one above! Share some of your ideas, successes, and even fails, We’ll be sharing ours and it’s so much easier to learn from someone else’s “save” than to have to go through the oops! ourselves.

You’ll have the better part of the final week, towards the middle to end of September to send us pics of your final reveal. AND then the really fun part …

Each of us bloggers are creating a little closet happiness project that we’ll be working on for our own closets and we’ll be making extra for a lucky reader to be chosen at random.

The catch? Just that we want you in the trenches with us! How does that happen?

1 – follow al three of us on social media

2 – send us pics of your oown closet makeover and we’ll  consider them proo of your trench time.

No, this is not for the faint of heart. But we know y’all enough to know that we know that we know that Y’ALL ARE BRAVE!

Up next

Be looking for our next post on Monday about the purging process. If you want to do a little research in the meantime, I used quite of the few concepts found in Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up“. I’ve also included a few ideas that you might find helpful on my pinterest board “A place for everything”

We’re looking forward to taming our space with you and please feel free to contact me at blog@somuchmoore.net if you have any other questions that I can answer. See y’all Monday morning to tackle this beast!





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