Picture-snapping and starry-eyed


When your week will wrap up with a much-anticipated picture-snapping and starry-eyed 3-day blog conference, then the beginning of your week will look something like this …

Haven schedule
Choices! Choices! Choices!

Anticipation has been building since that afternoon months ago when my sweet friend gave me her “old” DSLR camera and freed up the stash I had been saving to purchase my own. We  both talked about how it meant I could go to Haven this year.

Haven homepage
Even the homepage is inspiring

Haven is a Conference for those who are passionate about blogging, DIY projects and creating beauty in the home. This will be its 5th year and the 1st time I get to go. Actually, it’s the 1st time I get to go to any sort of blogging conference, training, networking event…

I’ve wanted to go since I first heard about it a few years ago, but I wasn’t really blogging at that point, and it wasn’t in our budget. Until now!

So, this week has been filled with packing lists, planning which breakout sessions to attend, travel arrangements and trying to sleep in the midst of the excitement. And that, of course, is worked in between days spent nannying and trying to keep up with all the kids who happen to be home at the very same time this week.

I hope your summer has brought a few moments that leave you all picture-snapping, post-worthy, starry-eyed!

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