Today we celebrate 52 years of him!

 Today we Celebrate 52 years of him!

27 years ago, I walked into a singles group at a local church and met a slew of new people, some of whom became lifelong friends. And then there was this guy, who became my lifelong love. And today we celebrate 52 years of him!

blue eyes
Those bright blue eyes though!

I’m not really sure if it was his blue eyes, the ever-present smile, the infectious laugh or a combination of all three that I noticed first. Either way, I noticed. And I’ve been noticing ever since, along with a few other things too …

Enjoying a little time with Grandpa Moore several years ago.

He loves his family well. Every Sunday of these past almost 25 years, save a mere handful here or there, he has called Mom and Dad Moore . Sometimes the rest of us join in and other times they spend the better part of an hour talking about everything and sometimes, nothing. As I see it, it’s one way he chooses to honor them.

Learning new skills – like how to twirl cotton candy, and how to remove the sticky aftermath from your hair.

He also loves learning and I see no stopping of that as he heads into year 53. One thing he’s definitely learned is the value of seeing what needs to be done and jumping in. He’ll gladly step way on out of his comfort zone to serve others in the most menial of ways when that’s what’s needed.

And then there’s this raising of girls.

Did I mention that he’s the youngest of four? Four boys. It’s true. And that when God gave us our four, He chose three of them to be girls. Yep. That’s a lot for any guy to adjust to, especially when he’s been raised around older brothers. He’s taken to it well, this being a dad to girls, and the girls have taken to him too!

steve and i sledding
His first sledding adventure – at the tender young age of 50!

I’m not sure if it’s because he was the tag along on so many of his big brothers adventures or not, but he has a healthy sense of adventure. Granted, sledding isn’t the riskiest of behaviors, but moving from his forever home on the coast of south Florida to the icy Januaries of the Bluegrass was more than just a temperature shift.

reciprocating saw for turkey
Adventurous or Resourceful?

Honestly, I’m not sure if it is considered adventurous or resourceful when you give two grown men the task of carving the Thanksgiving turkeys and they clean up the reciprocating saw and declare it the perfect tool for the job. Just walk away Mama, walk away, because sometimes boys just gotta be boys, even when they’re all grown up. And then all ten kids gathered around the table declare it one of the best moments of the day. Because dads just know how to make things memorable!

Steve and the older two at the top of the fort in St Marc on their 2nd trip to Haiti about 6 years ago.

His adventurous spirit is only matched by this leading the rest of us right along with him. I’ve lost track of the number of missions trips he’s led overseas. Though I do know that he’s enjoyed such delicacies as Curried Goat in Haiti, Fried Guinea Pig in Peru, Whale Sushi in Japan and Balut in the Philippines. They all make the crawfish in that first picture up there look like nothing, even though I don’t think I could deal with eating a plate full of that sort of nothing for dinner.

And the third one loving on the babies at a village outside St, Marc a few years later.

The best part of these adventures, is when the rest of us have been able to come along with him. We’ve been blessed to be able to take 3 of our 4 kids to a third or fourth world country at the beginning of their teen years, and hope to bring the last one this next summer.

The kids have worked hard to save money for each of these trips and he has worked to help them glean every ounce of learning out of these experiences. We have thoroughly enjoyed these trips with each of the kids one at a time, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything. But as much as I’m always ready to go on these trips, if the planning and details were left to me. we probably would never have set foot in the airport for the first flight.

And Praying
prayer warrior
My prayer warrior.

More than any of these things, he is a mighty prayer warrior. When I’ve called him at the office on the verge of a Mama meltdown, he doesn’t just say he’ll pray for me, we stop right then and pray. It felt  a little weird at first, this praying on the phone, but I’ve found these moments to be some of our most encouraging over the years .

Daddy daughter dance. Photo courtesy of Behind the Face Photography

And our kids, along with their future spouses have been the focus of many of these prayers. I can’t ask for much more than a man who loves God with all his heart and prays fervently for those God has brought across his path.

My steady calm.

Though his calm to my energy has been one of those glorious differences that we’ve had to work through, it has been such a steadying gift for me. Almost half of our years have been spent together, and I look forward to so many more birthdays to celebrate him.

Happy birthday babe! I love you more than you’ll ever know.



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