You can have all this world, Give me Jesus

Seven years ago today Dad, Andy, Sarah and I gathered around Mama, hugged on her and prayed before she was wheeled into surgery to repair her heart. She requested that Andy play “Give me Jesus” on his phone and that’s how we spent our last few moments with her.

Mama give me Jesus
Mama – circa mid to late 80’s

Jesus did heal her heart that day, not in the way we would have desired, but in a different way. Our hearts hurt desperately, but slowly and surely he’s been healing them with each passing day.

I’m so grateful for how Mama gave me Jesus, in a way I could understand and know Him, as a child, as a young woman as a wife and mother.

I’m even more grateful that this gift He gave me is eternal.

So thank you, Mama. And thank you  Jesus.

I love you both with all my heart!


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A Christ-follower, wife, mom to 4, lifestyle blogger, seamstress and seeker of daily glimpses of God's grace and redemption.

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