Dwelling on the Sprinkles

We were chatting and lingering a bit at our favorite local bakery. She had just passed her driver’s license test. First time. Last child. Big rite of passage in the life of a teen. And a Mama.

They strolled in on what appeared to be a date. To be fair, she did more bouncing than strolling. Her little flaxen curls bobbing up and down with each step.

She had chosen a donut. Good choice. Covered in sprinkles. More like smothered in sprinkles. She plopped down in a chair looking up at her daddy like he was the greatest of all the great Superheros. He had after all just bought her the most regal of breakfast fare. 

He slid her new sprinkled treasure right in front of her. All else disappeared.

dwelling on the sprinkles
Dwelling on the sprinkles

From where we sat we could only see sprinkles, blonde ringlets and those amber eyes now as big as saucers.

From where she sat, she may as well be celebrating the grandest rites of passage in all of her days. Her vision was completely consumed with icing and sprinkles and the mere delight of it all.

And the thought occurred, what is my focus? Am I looking for the sprinkles in my day? Am I celebrating them with every ounce of my being?

There were plenty of distractions in that little bakery that morning. Noises. Smells. Sights. But not for her. It was all about the sprinkles.  Not only that, she was on a date with her Daddy. They weren’t grabbing breakfast. They were on a date. Oh, the excitement of it all!

And therein lies the beauty of the moment. It wasn’t just the sprinkles, though they were grand. It was also that they were from her Daddy.

Whatever was going on around the two of them didn’t matter one bit. They were together. He had just graced her with the bestest of gifts. And she had every intention of focusing on it. And soaking up it’s wonder with every moment and every bite.

Oh, to follow suit. To let everything around me fall away and find the wonder in Christ. In His words. In His grace. In the sprinkle laden moments He lays before me daily.

Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable—if there is any moral excellence and if there is any praise—dwell on these things.

 Philippians 4:8 HCSB




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6 thoughts on “Dwelling on the Sprinkles

  1. So often we miss the sprinkles, unaware, don”t we? I was just thinking this morning how the sun comes up and graces the day without any effort on my part. Day after day, year after year, whether i stopped and give thanks He is faithful!

    Congrats to your baby girl….the’ll always be our babies, right? It goes too fast! Enjoy celebrating this milestone!

  2. Loving this happenstance find of my old friend’s blog writing~reminding me of the sweetness in the small things, just like she did for me so many years ago! Happiness!

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