Mission Organization | Closet Purge Highlights

Oh. My. Goodness. Y’all! We are having so much fun with this Closet Makeover purging process. I mean look at this …

Purging beauties
You just never know what beauties you’ll uncover when you set out to rescue a closet!

We told you this would be more fun with friends, even if they do happen to be states away! As it turns out there’s even more fun to be had if your friends are slightly crazy!

Here’s a recap of Amanda and Tori’s closet purge …

Amanda @ Life on the Bay Bush

Amanda's closet before
Amanda’s closet before the purge – there are treasures hidden in there people!


Here’s a quick recap of Amanda’s purging process in her own words…

Purging is tough y’all. It comes with a lot of guilt. Guilt about getting rid of something you spent $X amount of money on…or about being wasteful…Guilt about not being able to fit into something anymore…It also comes with a lot of fear. Fear that …

I become sentimentally attached to everything! If you remind yourself that it’s just “stuff” and doesn’t change your value/size/memory/self-worth…it’s a lot easier to let go of.

Amanda closet after
It already looks great and the DIY fun hasn’t even started!

Here are the questions I ask myself when I’m purging…

Has anyone ever asked me if I was pregnant when I was wearing this and the answer was no, followed by the stink eye? Happened more than I would like to admit.

Is it uncomfortable? Looking at you, shoes from Las Vegas.

Does this fit? This was the deal breaker on more items than I’d care to admit …

You can read more wisdom and encouragement from Amanda by clicking here

Tori at Mess to Blessed

Tori's before closet
And Tori’s before shot of her closet. I wonder if there’s something magical hiding under that crevice?

And a recap of Tori’s closet purge …

When I moved all of my clothes from one closet to another, I STILL MOVED clothes that I hadn’t worn in years… from one place to another, only to take up more space.

One of the questions Tori asked herself in purging is “Does it fit?” you’ll have to read her comical little rant on that! Her next question was, “Is it fit to wear out in public? Now here is the thing and I know you may be thinking, duh! … Okay, I am telling you this in love and all kindness, no one needs to see that. So for the love, trash it.

Don’t worry about what your closet looks like after this, we will organize later. Right now, just get rid of the stress that you don’t need.

Tori's after closet
Cue the angel chorus … Tori’s post-purge and pre- DIY closet

Tori has also made a purge checklist printable with a few questions to use when culling through your closet. Just a few basics to make wise purging decisions a little more quickly. Trust me, if you don’t have a few basic criteria, you’ll find yourself bogged down in all sorts of emotions and rabbit trails that could turn this into a project of ginormous proportions, and nobody needs that!

You can pick up Tori’s Closet Purging printable and read the rest of her purging questions by clicking here.

A few final thoughts on this purging phase

Focus on the finish line. Bottom line, in a matter of hours you’ll have this stage done. Then in a matter of days you’ll have a fresh new palette and system to organize those things that you really love without the distraction of the mediocre. In a matter of weeks, you’ll be amazed at how much stress you didn’t even know you had about this whole clothing, storage thing. Within a matter of months, you’ll have moved on to other areas of your home and life clearing away the excess and hanging onto to that which you truly love, and the margin you’ll have created will blow you away.

Once we get through this purge process, we get to do the fun organizing, DIY and design aspects of the closet makeover!

A few fun things to consider for the next step, aka. the fun part!

Before you restock your closet, stop. Admire the space. Take a few measurements. Pour a cup of coffee or tea and admire your quiet closet one more time. Now you get to start thinking about this space and its new identity.

Here are a few questions to ponder in the next few days before we get to our DIY projects and storage ideas next Monday.

What do I want this space to feel like? What sort of feeling do I want to have when I open the doors? Do you want quiet and calm or do you prefer a fun pick-me-up vibe?

What is my biggest storage need in my closet? Hanging space? Dresser? Shoe storage? User-friendly boxes and bins?

What will motivate me to keep my closet tidy and functional for the long haul? A little art? Simplicity? A curtain with tie backs instead of doors?

What can I repurpose to achieve some of these goals? How can I think outside the box for creative solutions? When’s the last time I shopped my house?

How can I involve my spouse, or those I may share the closet with, in this project? Could they help me create an element to add to the closet?

Closet DIY elements
A sneak peek at a few of the elements I’ll be using in the DIY and design phase next week.

Congratulations! You’ve completed the toughest part and it’s all fun and games from here. Or something like that. The reality is that now you get to move forward very intentionally. You get to choose to add only those things that you really love. To free up space, time and energy to enjoy what really matters. To say no to the stress of the urgent so you can say yes to the best.


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