Mission Organization | Closet Reveal Highlights

Mission Organization | Closet Reveal Highlights

A month ago I decided to finish organizing my bedroom closet the way I had planned to when we moved into our house … five years ago. Then I came up with a few ideas to add a bit of decorating and DIYing to the project. And if you’re going to do something like that, you might as well invite a few friends along, right? So I did. Before we knew it, it had become a blogging collaboration between So Much Moore, Tori at Mess to Blessed and Amanda at Life on the Bay Bush. Three weeks ago we challenged y’all to join us for Mission Organization | Closet Rescue. We’ve purged, DIY’d, decorated and organized and now we get to present Mission Organization | Closet Reveal Highlights.

Left side closet before
My closet after the purge, and a weekend trip, but before the makeover
Closet Makeover Goals

Here are a few of our closet makeover goals …

… tame the chaos

… get rid of items we no longer use, wear or need

… make better use of the space we do have

… add touches of beauty

… enjoy the journey with others, not to compare, but to encourage

I have to say, these goals have definitely been met, with a few more perks along the way.

You can read my closet reveal here and you can check out each step of the entire challenge here

Today I want to share highlights from Tori at Mess To Blessed and Amanda at Life On The Bay Bush and some of the ways they achieved the goals above.

Tori @ Mess to Blessed

Tori’s closet is small with a slanted roof so her main goal was to organize and make better use of what little space she has. She found some really awesome items on Amazon.com that she shared in this post. One of my favorites is a hanger made specifically for tank tops, and it can hold between 4 and 16 tanks depending on how you decide to hang them.

Tori’s closet before and after

I love her thoughts on this whole organizing thing, and y’all she will be the first to tell you she is not a naturally organized person. Apparently, her Mama may agree too! But her perspective on the fact that we’re dealing with a first world problem, but one that creates stress in our days is spot on! What fun it has been walking through this journey with her and deepening our friendship along the way.

Amanda @ Life on the Bay Bush

Amanda’s closet is a walk-in with great space, but it also held evidence of her three sweet girls and a busy Mama. Her goals included making better use of some great spaces and prettying it up a bit. And y’all, she nailed it!

Amanda’s closet Before and after

She made some fabric covered diaper boxes without having to sew one stitch, and used some crystal knobs to make a little board for hanging necklaces. Every necklace looks better hanging from a crystal knob, especially when it’s next to some original artwork from the children of the home. She also used several other items from Amazon, because some weeks our time is a more precious commodity than our finances. You can find her tutorials and more details here.

To answer a few questions …

No, I really don’t own many more pairs of shoes than the ones you saw. I have several pairs of boots I’ll pull out when I put the sandals away in a few weeks. A lifelong history of foot problems means that every pair costs about $100, so I’m really particular in that area.

My hubby and I do share a dresser, two of the drawers being mine, and our off-season clothes are stored in a few tubs in our basement. I plan to cover a few more boxes for the top shelf and move the off-season clothes into those on our top shelf so everything is in one place.

My closet after the $30 makeover!

Yes, our closet is pretty huge, but the biggest reason there is so much space is because of the purging. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my stress level. From fewer decisions to make every morning, to less to take care of and less clutter to get messed up.

Final thoughts …

The clutter really effects my brain and stresses me out in ways I had not understood before I purged. Like I said in the original post that started this series, I am more intentional about what I add to my closet, like some of the fun new items from Glamour Farms, you can find those here and here

I would not consider myself to be a minimalist, too much art in my closet for that! But, I do love simplicity and this is just the right amount for me. I have actually joined a group led by a sweet blogger friend, Sarah at She Holds Dearly that she has organized to help us purge our entire homes before the holidays. It seems like a daunting task, but the first week is done and I’m anticipating enjoying the holidays without the clutter.

All three closets after the makeover. Huge sigh of relief for all of us!

I’m so glad y’all joined us for this adventure!

So I hope that this series has been as much fun for y’all as it has for us. We have learned a lot, quieted our spaces and created beauty in them with things that matter to each of us. I hope you’ve been inspired to do the same in your space, whatever that may look like!

Don’t forget to be entered into our drawing for two giveaways from Amanda and I. You can find all the details for that here.


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