Mission Organization | DIY Project Highlights

Mission Organization  DIY Project Highlights

Thanks for the love on Monday’s Closet DIY post! It seems that the copper tub has stolen a few hearts! Along those lines, let me add here that the colors, styles and types of DIYs I am using in my closet may not exactly capture your heart. And you know what? That’s okay! In some ways, it’s almost better! The goal is not to make your closet, home, family, life exactly like someone else’s. How boring would that be? But if something you see sparks an idea to solve an issue in your own space … then mission accomplished! Which is why today we’re checking out some other DIYs  in this next step of Mission Organization | DIY Project Highlights.

If you’ve joined us on this Closet Makeover enough to have purged your clothes and culled through some of the chaos in your closet, then give yourself a hand. If you were here I’d fix you a coffee or give you a cookie or something. Because we all know a plaque or ribbon would be too tempting to take home and shove in your closet somewhere, and we’ve moved way on past that now haven’t we!

This is it! The Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Challenge. Join 3 bloggers as we makeover our closets and let’s all head into fall with less chaos and more order in our lives.

Anyway, if you have not had the time, energy or resources to move past the purge, that’s okay too. This moving in the right direction requires a lot and every step along the way needs to be celebrated in some way. Wherever you are in this process, we want to celebrate with you. So here’s your reminder to send in a few pictures and follow us on social media. And what better way is there to celebrate than with a few prizes. Since mailing chocolate is complicated, we’ve opted for some happiness that would make a nice addition to any closet space. You can find all of our contact info at the end of this post to be entered in the giveaway drawing.

Tori’s Tips and Tricks at MessToBlessed

Tori’s master bedroom is in what formerly was an attic, so the closet is not exactly spacious. It also has sloped walls, making it impossible to store items on the walls. She found a few helpful hanging items on amazon to simplify her accessories and make her closet more functional all at the same time. One of those items was a pack of shower rings to store her scarves. I’ve tried something like this plan before, but it didn’t work so well because I didn’t have the right hangers … I wish I had read her post first to save myself some frustration.

She also found this handy 2-pack of hangers for tanks. Depending on how you hang them, they will each hold between four and 16 tanks. That’s enough to clear out and entire drawer AND keep them from wrinkling. I definitely need to add some of these to my closet.

tank top hanger
A hanger designed specifically for tank tops!
Amanda’s DIY Projects at LifeOnTheBayBushBlog

Amanda has a walk-in closet with wall space and shelves to store things but has been working on making it more organized and user-friendly for a busy mom with three girls. One of the things she did was cover some old diaper boxes with fabric and  a hot glue gun, a perfect solution for those who want the look of a covered box without the details of sewing. She also had a brilliant little tip for dealing with the printing on the outside of the diaper box. Another aha! moment for me!

fabric covered diaper boxe
Check out her basic instructions on sewing-free fabric covered diaper boxes

Another fun project she did involved these glass knobs, a piece of wood and some fun paint. Whenever you can add some style to the storage process it’s a good thing!

glass knob hanger
What’s not to love about a glass knob.

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Happy organizing and DIYing! And check back on Friday for more fun stuff to add to your closet, including a coupon!

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