Mission Organization | The Closet Makeover Reveal

Mission Organization | The Closet Makeover Reveal

Well, this is it! Today is the Mission Organization | The Closet Makeover Reveal and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.  We kicked off this series three weeks ago with an intro to the 3 bloggers collaborating on this series – Tori at Mess to Blessed, Amanda at Life on the Bay Bush and myself. The first week we focused on purging our closets of all sorts of things – clothes that no longer fit, Santa beards, bouncy seats, Ellie Mae wigs … all sorts of things. Then last week we each shared a few of the DIYs and closet tips we planned to implement. And today, like hours ago, Tori and Amanda shared their closet makeovers while I finished up a few things. So here I am, late to the party, but still arriving with some pictures and highlights to share with you of my closet.

Left side closet before
A post-purge, pre-makeover picture of our closet 3 weeks ago.

If you’re new to So Much Moore from Tori or Amanda’s blog, then welcome! I’m glad you stopped by and hope you find some inspiration for your own closet rescue … not that any of us needs such a thing, right?

Closet center before
And the other side of our half-organized space.
The Purge

For a quick catch up, I purged our closet over the winter. My husband Steve and I share the biggest closet we’ve ever had, measuring 4 feet deep and just over 11 feet wide. After gathering up every stitch of clothes we owned from our closet, dresser and off-season storage tubs, we were able to purge around 10 trash bags of clothes and accessories. That’s just craziness! The relief of having less clothes, but ones that we really like and wear, has been such a stress reliever.

The stacks of clothing categories on my bed during our closet purge.
The DIYs

I love sewing and repurposing things, especially when it’s something with a bit of family history behind it. I also enjoy the smell of fresh cut wood from days of  watching my Dad build everything from a simple shelf to a barn. Dad and I have done a number of projects together over the years and I always call him for advice, but until this project I had never made something from wood by myself. That’s right, all by my big girl self! All that to say, I may soon add a love for woodworking to that list and may ask for a few more power tools for Christmas.

One of my goals for this project was to do as much as possible by shopping my own house and using resources we already had. I did splurge on a basket carousel to store accessories, but that brought the grand total of my expenses all the way up to … well, how about I tell you at the end … that’s just mean isn’t it!

The Closet Makeover Reveal using repurposed items, elbow grease and a bit of imagination.

Enough chatter already … You can look for tutorials on most of the closet projects in the coming weeks, but for today enjoy a pictorial tour of our new space.

I may or may not hear an angel chorus in my head every time I open these doors now! The first thing I did was paint the closet with the leftover paint from our bedroom. The only reason I didn’t paint the closet when I painted the room was because it was pre-purge and I just couldn’t muster the courage to pull everything out of the closet and then put it back too.

Wire Shelf Covers
The first DIY was a cardboard lined cover for the wire shelves.

There are two washable shelf covers with deep pockets for cardboard or foam core for sturdiness and attached with velcro. These had been bedroom curtains in our last home.

The Laundry Bucket

The copper tub has been living in our family room but we decided it should be our laundry bucket. Some vintage chintz fabric, leather cording to secure it and a few hours of bringing sketches to life and we have a new laundry bucket.

I’m kind of in love with the details on this piece.

We’ve always put our shoes on the floor against the walls and I decided it would be cool to build a little shelf to hold the shoes and our new laundry bucket. Four 1 x 12 planks of cedar from a rental property we’ve been fixing up were perfect for the shelf.

The Shoe Shelf

Usually Steve builds stuff like this for me, but I really wanted to do this project. It seems like a good beginner project, and it was! His patient instruction, encouragement and steadying boards from time to time made sure it actually turned out. I really can’t wait to skype my Dad and show this to him!

The Storage Box Liners
Details on the left side of the closet.

The shelf unit on the left end of our closet holds cardboard boxes covered in washable liners made from two vintage tablecloths. I purchased a bag of driftwood pieces to label each box and secured them with twine and a loop of elastic in the back.

Two more open shelves to break up the covered boxes.

I left two of the middle shelves more open so as not to create the feel of a wall at this end of the closet. This gives each of us a space to store things to sort instead of on the long shelf.

Most of my accessories are on the long shelf on my side of the closet.
The Accessory Storage and Art Work

I picked up the fruit baskets while I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago hoping it would work for storing some accessories. It’s the perfect space for scarves, boot cuffs and socks. The turntable underneath was not quite working in the kitchen cabinet and it makes everything accessible. The white jewelry box holds a small collection of costume jewelry.

The File Box and Frames
The artwork is simple and intentional, with a bit of a story for each piece.




The box on the right has two section with files for each of us. Each of us also have a frame for notes of appreciation and affirmation. We’ve been working really hard these past few months at telling each other what we appreciate, admireand love about the other. After almost 25 years, we seem to have become a bit distracted and are committed to changing that for the better. The little wire basket next to the jewelry box has notes, markers and washi tape to add notes. Our almost 17-year old walked in the closet today and the first thing she did was ask if she could write notes for each of us. Absolutely! Looks like we may be adding more of these around the house soon!

The Backstories
A few more helpful items with backstories.

Each of the next three items come with a backstory. The essential oils have been a tremendous help for me in seeking relief from years of migraines. That will be another post someday. The “I still do” is something we’ve said to each other every year. The good years. The not-so-good years.  It’s a little nod to the choice that we’ve made. Steve and my Dad made the cross out of an old railroad spike in Dad’s blacksmith shop several years ago.

The Burlap Quote and Pottery
Two little reminders from days past and for days ahead.

My daughter, Katy and I made the burlap quote with alphabet stickers and lots of crazy paint streaks. The pot holds the contents of Steve’s pockets at the end of the day. I love the colors, the shape, the handles and the fact that he made it in a summer pottery class as a child.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s just hard to know where to even begin at the wrap up of a goal isn’t it? I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and even if you didn’t get to join us by making over your own closet, I hope you’ve found some inspiration. Cleaning and organizing can feel like a daunting task, but it’s so worth it. And the decorating and DIY just make it fun!

I promised to tell y’all my expenses, so here they are …

Fruit basket storage carousel $20

Thrifted picture frames $3.18

Burlap canvas $4

Alphabet stickers $1.19

Driftwood pieces for tags $2.40

Grand total $30.77

Everything else was already at our house.

Mission accomplished!

Giveaway Drawing

** Please note | This giveaway has already ended, but thank you for joining us and stick around, you never know when we’ll do another!**

As we said at the beginning, we are doing a giveaway to celebrate this final step of Mission Organization | Closet Rescue. Amanda and I will each be giving away a prize. Woohoo for doubling your chances of winning! You can enter by leaving a comment and subscribing to our blogs.

The best part? You didn’t have to clean out your closet to win AND you have until Sunday to enter!

Tori is also doing a giveaway on Mess to Blessed to celebrate the Closet Makeover Reveal. That means another prize!

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21 thoughts on “Mission Organization | The Closet Makeover Reveal

    1. Ha! I see what you did and thank you, lady! There wasn’t much room at all before we purged! I’m glad we did this together and glad y’all were patient with me today! We’ll take a little break before our next blogging adventure 🙂

  1. Ok…number 1- beautiful! Number 2- you HAVE to have more shoes than that! What kind of fashion maven has only four pairs of shoes? Number 3- I’m totally jealous you have 11 feet of closet! 4 feet deep!? 44 square feet of closet?? Number 4- I don’t have a single closet in my home that’s big enough to have stuff AND be decorated! Genius! I expect nothing less than that from my favorite crafty blogger! Number next- I am inspired…somewhat. My closets are small but already have organizational shelves that, I believe, maximize the space. So, I mainly need to purge. I have started…I have a pile…I am going to do it! I AM going to do it….I am. Great job!

    1. Thank you lady! So in response to your thoughts … #1 grin 🙂 #2 Between plantar fascitis and multiple foot surgeries, no I really don’t have a lot of shoes – they’re all too expensive! #3 It’s crazy to have 44 square feet of closet. We’ve never had so much space and so few clothes and felt so good about it! #4 Tell your hubby it’s time to add on a closet room 🙂 Then apologize to him for me! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement, and purge away baby – even one pile is a start!

  2. Your closet looks great! I love the burlap cover for the wired shelves. Smart thinking! Also, I am inspired to create an appreciation board! After almost 30 years of marriage, I forget to verbalize all that I appreciate about my sweet husband. Thanks for the idea! Finally, I LOVE the copper bucket and how you lined it!!! Anytime you get tired of it and want to give it away, I would gladly help you with that! 😉

    Great ideas from all you ladies. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks lady – you are always so gracious and encouraging! You could have shelf covers whipped up in no time too. I’m not sure what my favorite part is, but I do love the reminders to put on love and show appreciation to my Steve, I forget too often! And I’ll go ahead and add your name to the waiting list for the copper bucket 🙂 I would love to see a pic of your appreciation board when it’s done too!

  3. I will be waiting for response on the shoe comment, lol. This is fabulous, Beth! You almost make me want to deal with the MONSTER job that is our wee little shared (exploding) bedroom closet. Almost! 😉 I think the scarf organization and the use of the lazy susan are my favorite of these elements. Great job, friend!

    1. HA! When shoes are $100 a pair, there’s not a huge collection! If you feel like tackling the monster just give me a call – I’ll come over, we’ll tackle it, we’ll have lunch and watch a full season or two of Donwton Abby in the process. Thanks for the love, friend! … and I’m not kidding about the closet purging date – it would be fun!

  4. Mostly, I loved the personal touches that made your closet more of a sanctuary of kindness~where a day can call itself finished and a sentimental reminder can be left as a loving note!

  5. Your closet looks great. I worked on mine a few weeks ago, so it’s pretty clean. I just don’t have any extra room/wall space for accessories/pictures like you do. You might count my purses that I hung on Command hooks to free up space. My tip is to hang up everything, even though I have to get a stool when the seasons change to get purses/hats.

    1. Yes! I love how hanging things frees up space and makes them more accessible. And the way they can become a decor item too! I’m thinking of ways to do this very thing in other areas of our home too.

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