10-Minute DIY Earrings and Bracelets

Can y’all believe that November strolls right into our calendar next week? Well, that was fast! We’re planning a fall leaf tour sometime this week, just to make sure we’ve soaked up all the goodness that is October before she departs. With November’s arrival, thoughts gear up for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all it’s excitement. And right along with that, it seems the perfect time for whipping up some quick gifts. Last month I share a DIY tassel necklace which happens to be quite the popular accessory this year. And today, I want to share a few 10-minute DIY earrings and bracelets that are perfect for holiday parties or gift giving.

10-Minute DIY Earrings and Bracelets

Materials needed

Not only are these pieces all pretty quick to make, they also don’t require a lot of supplies or tools.

Most of the supplies you’ll need to make 3 pairs of earrings and 2 (or more) bracelets

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Earring Supplies
Bracelet Supplies

Assembling the Earrings

Honestly, gathering your supplies will take longer than making the earrings, and you can probably make all three pair shown here in 10 minutes.

Adding or removing a jump ring

Some charms come with a round ring, called a jump ring, already attached at the top. Because this jump ring was perpendicular the charm, it was best to remove it so the earring would hang correctly. They are easily added or removed by opening and closing the ring at the slit.

Adding the charm to the earring hook

Next, slide the spring and bead up on the earring hook, open the loop at the base of the earring and add your charm.

Finally, close up the loop, slide the bead and spring back into place, and you’re done.

3 pairs of earrings in 10 minutes

Seriously, it’s that quick and simple!

Measuring for the Bracelets

By now, y’all are well aware of my love for all things leather, including jewelry. These quick little wrap bracelets out of leather cording are great for layering with other types of bracelets.

Leather cording, wooden beads and charms

These are really nice for those whose wrist runs either smaller or larger than most, because you can make them whatever length you desire.

My wrist measures 6″ around and I knew I wanted a double strand bracelet that wrapped around my wrist 3 times. Simply multiply your wrist measurement (6″) by how many strands you want (2) and then multiply again by how many times you want it to wrap around your wrist (3). Add about 9″ – 10″ to your final measurement to allow for knots and a little wiggle room.

For me, the math looked like this | 6 (wrist measurement) x 2 (# of strands) x 3 (# wraps) + 9″. My total measurement was 45″

Assembling the Bracelets

Thread the leather cording thru your charm

Fold the leather cording in half and thread the loose ends through your charm. For this particular charm, both strands of the 1 mm could fit, but only one of the 1.5 mm fit.

If using a bead, thread the two loose ends of your cording through the bead. Holding both strands tie a knot at the cut ends of the cording.  Push the bead up against the knot and tie another knot as close as possible on the other side of your bead.

Tying knots at the ends of the bracelet

If you choose not to use a bead, tie a double knot at the loose ends of the leather cording.

Knot in leather cording bracelet without bead

Tie another knot at the opposite end of your leather cording strand. Make it large enough for the knot and/or bead to fit thru, but small enough that it won’t easily slip out.

10-minute DIY leather cording wrap bracelets

That’s it! You’re done with another 10-minute gift.

You’re only decisions now is which ones to keep and which ones to give away.

10-Minute DIY Earrings and Bracelets

My girls and I have had fun making some quick jewelry items lately and I think it would be a great girls night in the next few weeks. What charms would you use for earring or bracelets?



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