5 Ways to Style an A-line Tunic Dress for Fall

Fall Fashion Limbo

I hope your part of the world has enjoyed a proper hello to fall, even if it is in the form of a bag of leaves purchased from the local craft store. Here in the Bluegrass, we’ve had a few days that peaked in the high 60’s and more evenings each week that would qualify as brisk. Fashionwise it’s a bit of a limbo season. Hence the need for some great foundational pieces that transition from one day to the next, or one time of the day to the next, as the case may be. Well, you’re in luck because it’s Fashion Friday with Glamour Farms and today I’m sharing 5 ways to style an A-line tunic dress for fall! Our featured items are the Carson Tunic Dress in taupe and the Rachel plaid scarf in navy.

The Carson Tunic is so versatile you’ll want one in several colors!

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5 Ways to style an A-line Tunic for Fall

Just like last month’s featured piece the Long Grove Dot Top and the Isabella Tunic Dress from August, this month’s pieces can transition from one season to the next rather effortlessly. The Carson Tunic is one of those staples that makes for a perfect styling foundation in whatever color you choose. And, trust me there are plenty to choose from – black, brown, blue, rust, taupe …

1 | The Carson Tunic all dressed up

The lovely ladies at Glamour Farms sent the taupe tunic to me this month and I’m so excited about all the ways to style this little number. Let’s start with one of the dressier options.

A long scarf with a belt to create more of a waistline with some high heeled boots can dress up the tunic.

The Carson, pashmina and a pendant

You can add a long pendant necklace for even more detail if you like.

2 |Casual with everyone’s seasonal favorite – Plaid

If you’re going for a more casual look then how about this? Grab your favorite plaid shirt, tie knots at the bottom of each front side, and pull on your favorite cowboy boots. Add an interesting layer to worn-in boots and a playful plaid by topping it off  with a blingy statement necklace. This look is just plain fun for so many different occasions – from coffee with a friend, exploring your favorite boutiques or even a fall hayride.

Fall and plaid are such a natural combination.

One of the nice things about the Carson Tunic is that it’s long enough to feel like you’re not taking any chances at embarrassing yourself if you go without leggings underneath. You know what I mean? That pretty much doubles the styling possibilities.

3 | Casual with a touch of bling

If plaid’s not you’re thing then we really need to talk about where we’re going with this friendship switch it up with a denim jacket. Keep the cowboy boots, because they’re cute and super comfortable, and grab a more colorful blingy necklace.

Denim and bling always make a good pair

And do you see one of my favorite features of the Carson Tunic up there? That’s right, side seam pockets! The fabric is lightweight so as not to add bulk to the hips, who needs that sort of foolishness, and the pockets are roomy enough to comfortably to slip your hand in.

Again, it really doesn’t matter which color you choose, the Carson Tunic is such a great staple for fall because it easily lends itself to so many different looks.

 4| Perfectly paired with the Rachel Plaid Scarf

Y’all, the are so many things to love about this scarf!

The Rachel scarf is extra big and extra cozy

The Rachel Scarf is constructed of a thin yarn with a looser weave than most and the wing span on this thing is ginormous. This allows it to be super cozy and fuzzy without adding extra bulk. I have several really big scarves that I don’t reach for as often because they’re just too thick, but that will not be the case with this one. It’s going to be seeing lots of fall and winter this year!

Glamour Farms Fashion Friday | Carson and Rachel - up close
It’s nice that there are several colors to coordinate with this scarf since it’s so soft and cozy.

It’s plenty big to fold into a triangle and drape around your shoulders when these fall evenings get a little chilly. Or toss it over the arm of the couch to cozy up with in front of a fire with a great book.

5 | Casual with the classic Chucks

The Carson Tunic with the Rachel Plaid scarf and some classic Chucks.

If you’re needing a super casual look, then fold your scarf into a triangle and starting at the point, continue folding over about 8″ or so until you reach the long folded edge. Tie the two ends together and you’ve made an infinity scarf. A well broken-in jean jacket and some Converse and you’re ready for a day at the local Pumpkin Patch or Farmer’s Market.


Going casual with Carson and Rachel

The Ever Important Basics

As always, the thing you can’t see in this pictures is what makes all of them look more flattering. That’s the Ah-Mazing Tank Long Shaper in the latte color. As many of you may well know, you don’t get to be Mama to four without feeling the need for a little help when it comes to shapewear. I had a few different pieces in the past few years, and this is by far my favorite. It does the job without making you feel like you can’t move or breathe. Once you try it, you’ll know what I mean and you’ll find yourself reaching for it more than you could have imagined.

And those navy leggings you see peeking out in some of the pictures? Those are the Ahh-Mazing Tummy Tuck Crop Leggings. Yep! A nice layer of color that also helps with the whole tucking it all in dilemma. You’re welcome!

Other styling ideas

Since this photo shoot I’ve had several more ideas of how to style the scarf. It would look adorable with a soft long sleeve shirt, skinny jeans and booties. Or even black pants, a black long-sleeve shirt and black booties for the office. And it just might be the perfect weight to add to my black pea coat as winter begins to appear in the next few months.

I really could go on, but I have four seasons to discover new possibilities with this versatile little tunic and scarf.

Get these looks

Carson Tunic in taupe – I’m wearing a small

Ahh-Mazing Tank Long Shaper in latte – one size fits all

Ahh-Mazing Tummy Tuck Crop Legging in ink – one size fits all

 Rachel Plaid Scarf in navy

Items from our closets || Pashmina scarf purchased overseas | Black Eddie Bauer Belt | Denim Aeropostale Jacket | Lucky Brand Cuff Bracelet

Thrifted items || Plaid Shirt | Cowboy Boots | Riding Boots

Handmade || Pendant necklace

Courtesy of my daughters || Burgundy Converse | All Necklaces | Laughter during photo shoots

Use the code SOMUCHMOORE771 for $10 off your next order – see details above.

What are your favorite ways to style an A-line dress for fall? What about a blanket scarf? Let us know in the comments, after you peruse all the new fall arrivals over at Glamour Farms, of course!


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