A Chalkboard Wall of Thanks

A Chalkboard Wall

One of my favorite spots in our home is the skinny little chalkboard wall between our kitchen and eating area. For the past 3 years, it has held grocery lists, messages, childhood masterpieces and an assortment of random thoughts. After last week’s kitchen purge, it seemed like the right time to freshen it up a bit and shift the focus a little to make it a chalkboard wall of thanks.

When you surrounded by some crazy good artists …

You may remember this shot from last year when I armed our son-in-law with a jar of chalk and a few ideas. I asked him to do something magical and he more than delivered on that request. It took until Valentine’s Day for me to be convinced that maybe it was time to erase his work. 

Today it was the 17-year-old, a piece of sharpened chalk, and a few more ideas. Half a playlist later, this is what she came up with.

A few seasons later and a new artist

Adding a little Thanks

Thrifted glass-less frames and some fun ideas.

This little project started last week with thrifted frames, a couple sale items and a desire to promote teamwork in a more creative way. A variety of glitches brought those plans to a screeching halt, providing some unexpected but much needed down time.

And then there was today when one of my shopping buddy / resident artists sketched out our fall tree. It’s amazing what you can to with a piece of sharpened chalk and a killer playlist!

The friendly reminder to be intentional in our offering of gratitude to one another.

The Thanks Frame is similar to the Appreciation Frames we made last month for the Closet Makeover. We knew this seeing of thanks would be important in cultivating grateful hearts.

Our grocery list is typically a group chat with all sorts of requests, some reasonable and others not so much. Some days it’s all about the nutella and cheeze-its and others have included items like “my dignity”. We don’t even ask anymore! Either way, it’s nice to have a spot for requests in the kitchen too.

There’s just something calming about the gathering of beauty.

You can expect a few tips and ideas on some of the MacGyverd details soon, but for today we’ll just enjoy the new view. And we’ll start on this practice of giving thanks before November even thinks about rolling around.



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