Kitchen Organizing compliments of Gilmore Girls

How is my kitchen organizing compliments of Gilmore Girls anyway?

Several weeks ago I joined Sarah at She Holds Dearly and a group of almost 100 others in a Home Decluttering Challenge based on the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Last week we purged our kitchens and then restocked cabinets and pantries with only those items we truly use. The extra space on each shelf if such a visual treat for those of us with an aversion to chaos. The purging part is great to get rid of the excess, but I’ve always loved the organizing part and today I bring you a little Kitchen Organizing compliments of Gilmore Girls.

A little granite look for the kitchen.

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I would actually love to know the thought process of the architect who designed our kitchen pantry to be 18″ wide and 24″ deep. Hmmmm, not really a good place for storing food with our house full of 6, so the day we moved in it was declared to be the appliance pantry. It has worked great, except that the feet of things like the crock pot and waffle iron and… tend to get stuck on the lovely wire shelving.

Washable fabric shelf covers from the Closet Makeover.

Wire shelving is functional and affordable, but in a lot of ways, I’m not really a fan. I made some washable fabric wire shelf covers when we did the Closet Makeover last month and those have worked great. But keeping fabric clean would be nigh impossible when pulling appliances in and out every day. They also make some pretty cool shelf covers out of a variety of materials, like these gray ones or maybe these cherry ones with a nice finished front edge. It really wasn’t really a high budget priority for me, so I opted for this cheaper solution.

Our skinny little kitchen pantry, that could use a bit of a paint touch-up too!
What does Kitchen Organizing have to do with Gilmore Girls Anyway?

Last week, I decided it was time to replace the original, now sketchy, cardboard pieces. I also decided to add some contact paper to make them a little sturdier and wipeable. All you need is a roll of contact paper, leftover corrugated boxes from your most recent Amazon purchase, scissors and one episode of Gilmore Girls and you can have an entire closet completed. Unless you get too distracted by Lorelai’s clever lines and find yourself doing more watching than listening and cutting. In that case, it might actually require 2 episodes. 

You may have to sacrifice one piece of cardboard in trying to get your pattern right, but it was just going into the recyclable bin anyway, so it’s a small sacrifice to make. It’s pretty straightforward from there so here’s a quick pictorial step-by-step.

How can I cover my own cardboard shelf liners anyway?

I covered the bottom of each cardboard piece so it would be a little more protected and so the cardboard wouldn’t absorb any odd smells, like the little blob of waffle batter that didn’t quite get wiped off the iron. …. Ewww!

cut contact paper
Cut your contact paper about 2″ larger than your cardboard on each edge.

Be sure to put the top of your cardboard face down on the contact paper, press it to the cardboard until is is well adhered and smooth out any bubbles before moving on to the next step. Go ahead, ask me how I learned this …

cut contact corners
Cut a triangle off each corner and save it to reinforce seams.

You’ll have to get a little creative on some corners if your closet has trim inside or some other random lines.

Kitchen-Organizing-compliments-of-GIlmore-Girls -
Fold the edges over, pulling as tightly as you can to make a nice smooth edge
contact paper corners
Reinforce the corner seams by adding the corners you cut off in the third step.
Wipeable, fresh, clean, and looking a little better than the old plain cardboard liner
Why Kitchen Organizing compliments of Gilmore Girls?

Because you can. Period,

Simple. Quick. Inexpensive. Functional.

And some days we just need a project that can be done in 30 minutes. And, for me, an excuse to hang out with all of the girls living under this roof.

Next time I think I’ll splurge on the chalkboard contact paper. Because, chalkboard anything!

How about you? What pattern of contact paper would you use? Any shelves in your home that could use a quick little refresh?




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