Under the weather survival kit

October is known for all sorts of things. The most obvious being the beginning of all things pumpkin season. Unfortunately, October can also usher in a whole new slew of allergens, and according to some experts, it’s officially the beginning of cold and flu season. This little tidbit calls for stocking your under the weather survival kit.

We’re not talking about medicines and chicken soup here, more like books and ways to occupy our hands and distract  our minds a bit. We can only watch so many movies and reruns after all! Here are a few of the items in my under the weather survival kit …

Just a few ideas for an under the weather survival kit to alleviate boredom when you’re not feeling your best.

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Favorite books beyond the usual novel

Wholehearted devotional coloring journal written by Jordan Lee and illustrated by Whitney Farnsworth

The book Wholehearted: A Coloring Book Devotional, written by Jordan Lee and illustrated by Whitney Farnsworth has to be my all time favorite adult coloring book. The devotionals are not necessarily the deepest you’ll find, but there’s a processing that comes in the art of coloring that brings the truth of Scripture alive in a new way and incredibly profound way.

An entire book of chalk art goodness.

Another Favorite is The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering by Valerie McKeehan.  Not only does she cover several lettering fonts, she also includes embellishing and lots of basic tools and tips. And there’s no need to rush out and purchase a chalkboard, there are three chalkboard surfaces included in the book itself to use for as much practice as you would like. When you’ve filled them up, wipe them off and start over again.

Internet courses to develop new skills

There are so many of these courses covering so many topics it’s flat out amazing. Now is the time to find one you would enjoy and gather whatever supplies you might need. Then, when you find yourself lacking energy, you have an outlet to stave off the impending boredom.

Jeanne Oliver Designs
An entire book of chalk art goodness.

I’ve enjoyed courses covering topics from blogging to decorating to spiritual growth to learning new skills. I’m currently slowly working through The Advanced Hand Lettering Course offered by Jeanne Oliver and taught by Jen Wagner. She is a very talented artist who has gathered other gifted creatives around her, developing a space to teach online classes.

The Advanced Hand Lettering Course Banner

Why not register for some sort of class that interests you and gather the necessary supplies. Your box of goodies will be waiting for you to work on a new skill when time allows. Check out her site for starters and see if you don’t find several classes you would enjoy

A bit of handwork

My other favorite thing to have at the ready this time of year is handwork. And since it’s October, why not start your own little pumpkin patch?

The details on this felted pumpkin tutorial are just perfect!

Last week, my talented friend Rebecca from 2 Hearts Desire posted this tutorial on how she made these cute little felt pumpkins. Won’t they be adorable out of thrifted and felted wool sweaters?

These little guys are so soft and squishy they seem to have their own little personalities.

If you prefer softer pumpkins, how about this tutorial my sweet friend Sarah at She Holds Dearly posted last month? These would be a great way to use that stretchy velvet Christmas skirt your daughter outgrew years ago.

What’s in your under the weather survival kit?

These are a few of my favorites to occupy my hands and mind when I’m not feeling my best. Though they require a bit of thinking and focus, a little fuzzy thinking isn’t going to mess anything up. So why not try  something other than the remote control while you’re on the mend.

I’ll just be over here working on my first pumpkin …

What types of things would you include in your under the weather survival kit? If you only had $25 to spend what would be your top 2 or 3 items? I’m always up for new ideas!

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4 thoughts on “Under the weather survival kit

  1. I LOVE all these ideas! Thank you Beth! They’re great to do when you’re not sick too! Thankfully, I haven’t been sick in awhile, but some things I have done in the past is catching up on simple organization. It isn’t glamorous, or very fun, but helpful…filing the mounds of paperwork, organizing drawers, sorting through and giving away while laying in bed etc. I also like hand writing letters…a lost art.

    I’ll have to check out the links you added. The pumpkins are too cute!

    1. A rough weekend made me realize the wisdom in putting a few things like this together – after I sorted all the recipes in the house! We really do think the same way don’t we

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