What if fall decor is actually about my own vision?

Are y’all just loving all the fall home tours as much as I am? It’s such a colorful and cozy season that invites us to slow down and gather with friends and family. As much as I’m loving all the beauty and inspiration to be found, I’m starting to wonder about my own approach to decorating. What if fall decor is actually about my own vision and creating cozy spaces to gather together instead of some misguided standard I’ve devised in my own mind to use as a standard in which my own home and decor skills are always found lacking? That’s not why people share their home tours, it’s to give us a peek into their homes and special spaces. I’m choosing to enjoy these for the inspiration that they are while at the same time enjoying the beauty that fills the spaces around me.

With that in mind, I would love to offer you a steaming cup of coffee and invite you to sit and hopefully enjoy what I see when I look at our own decor for fall. Beyond that, I would love to see what makes your own decor special and what makes you smile in your own space.


Thrifted couches and a coffee table rescued from the trash pile

Depending on the day, I can look at this view of our family room in several different ways. I can see the red couches that I’ve wanted to make slip covers for going on I don’t even know how many years now. I can see the rug that’s too small for this space and a variety of things that need to be repaired or edited in some way to achieve the decor look I want.

But on a good day, I see the fur throw and pillows I picked up for the bajillioneth time this morning because our college son spent much of the weekend at home sleeping on that oh-so-cozy couch.

I see Steve and the kids and I filling up the seats last night as we all sat and chatted about our day and the week ahead. I see our 90-pound ever-faithful companion, as opposed to the 70 pounds of hair that he seems to shed on an annual basis.

The Hoosier cabinet from my childhood home.

I see the chippy painted finish Mama added over a decade ago, holding a collection of her baskets, boxes, antique jars and other treasures.

Upended basket

I see a basket turned shelf from Dad’s house and the Polish Pottery he and Mama brought back years ago from one of their European adventures.

Thrifted, found and gifted

I see some of the thrifting days spent with my girls collecting discarded books, clearance rack treasures and antique jars. I see the way a child’s artwork progresses from bedecking a fridge to being more beautiful than a signed masterpiece, and I wonder where this continued exploration of her passions will lead her in the years ahead.


Layers of color and texture

I see crocks that once held walnut lids and light kits fashioned by my Dad because I thought it would be cool and, as usual, he figured out how to make it happen. I see twine-wrapped rolls of flannel that Mama was working on for a cozy quilt of some sort.

Layers of family treasures

I see brass candlesticks that once graced my Grandmother’s home if my memory serves me well. I see a tattered quilt gifted to me years ago by Mama and Daddy.

fall trunk
A love for all things wood

I see a birthday gift received over half my life ago. The first major restoration project, that took hours of messy scraping and sanding and solidified a passion for redeeming of the old and discarded. I see wooden boxes thrifted and passed down and wonder at how many things they have held over the years.


I see a half-spent candle because everyone knows winter evenings past have been sweeter with their burning. I see a sister-in-law who loves and laughs and pursues relationship and gives knitting needles when she knows they will help create something beautiful with a new skill she has taught us.


I see childhood dishes in my favorite childhood color and pumpkins whose stems will return next year gracing new pumpkins of a more lasting variety. I see the soft plaid of a new friendship that signifies the encouraging cheering on in a new journey.


I see the brass detail of our “I do” day so many years ago atop the delicate weave of Russian linen from my brother’s part of the world. I see the wonder of years spent schooling our kids at home and the slowing down enough to truly enjoy the world full of nature around us.


I see an old sewing machine drawer and the hours Mama spent teaching me to use her machine that instilled a passion deep in my soul for this process of creating. I see special occasions and one-of-a-kind life-shaping trips scattered on the walls.

Tucked here and there are pumpkins and colorful touches of fall. Yes, I would love to have loads of heirloom pumpkins and other fall treasures to add. But today, I’m focusing on the sweet memories found in the details around me.

My hope is that tomorrow I will do the same. And each day following – wherever I may find myself. It may not be the month of giving thanks quite yet, but I for one can use the reminder to give thanks every day of every month.

The treasure of home

What treasures do you have in your home that tell your story and make you smile? Would you be so kind as to share a picture and a quick story with us? I can’t think of a better way to decorate that never goes out of style, whatever the season.


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4 thoughts on “What if fall decor is actually about my own vision?

  1. I feel like I’ve sat with you for a cup of tea and a chat from your heart. Thank you! Love how your home is filled with family history. If these items could talk the stories they would tell!

    Amen, on giving thanks everyday and for looking not at what we don’t have or haven’t completed, but looking at the blessings far beyond this world!

    Since you’ve asked us to share…

    I’m sending you an email with a few pics that are a pieces of my story <3
    I wasn't sure how to attached them here….. sorry 🙁

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