Answered Prayers and a Hope Bracelet

Answered Prayers

My husband and close friends tell me that I have lots of words. Lots and lots of words. They’re right. But I’m at a bit of a loss for words in expressing gratitude for the prayers on behalf of my brother and sister-in-law and our family. We are at the beginning of quite a faith journey with his emergency surgery to remove 99% of a large brain tumor last week. The stats are not in his favor, and yet, today the neurosurgeons are reviewing again his test results. At this moment they see no cancer cells. As a family, we’ve walked similar journeys and are well aware that these daily updates can be quite up and down. We are rejoicing in this report and the answer to hundreds, even thousands, who are praying on his behalf. If you are interested in continued updates on Andy, you can follow my facebook page where I am posting them as they are received.

Answered Prayers and a Hope Bracelet

For those of you who may be new around here, So Much Moore is what many refer to as a lifestyle blog. Some days you’ll find DIY projects and tutorials, others it will be a recipe or random thoughts, and then there are scriptures and sewing projects too. The underlying thread is one of redemption, from discarded items to tough daily moments. I’m glad you’ve joined us and my prayer is that you would find encouragement and redemption in this space and in your own days. I welcome comments on posts and can always be reached at if you have something you want to talk on further. Again welcome and thanks for joining us on this journey of redemption!

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And a Hope Bracelet

As much as I love all things DIY, they can come across as almost inconsequential and frivolous when we’re facing big important things in life. In the big scheme of things, a DIY tutorial doesn’t seem to matter so much. But today is one of answered prayers and a hope bracelet. You’ve heard the answered prayers, and I also want to share another quick bracelet tutorial with you. Two weeks ago it was a collection of earrings and a wrap bracelet, and today it’s two more bracelets. One with a tassel and charm and the other with a stamped bar. Stick around after the tutorials for why this even matters. Here are the basics …

Basic supplies for your leather wrap tassel bracelet

The basics for making your own leather wrap tassel bracelet
BASIC SUPPLY LIST – click on highlighted text for a link

Making an embroidery floss tassel

Adding a tassel to your bracelet is a fun detail that we’re seeing a lot this fall.

Step 1 | Wrap the floss

Using the tines of a fork wrap the tassel around about 20 times, leaving about 4″ extra on each end.

Step 2 | Tying up loose ends

Pull the loose end of the floss to meet the end where you started.

Step 3 | Tying the Tassel

Cut a piece of floss about 12″ to tie off the top of the tassel

Step 4 | Securing the tassel

Tie several knots in the floss to secure the wraps, then bring the floss to the other side of the tassle and repeat. I did this several times to make sure it was secured.

Step 5 | Hiding the ends of the tassel knot

Using an embroidery needle with a large eye, pull the loose threads through the band you just created at the top of the tassel.

Step 6 | Trim the end of the tassel

Using pliers, open a jump ring and carefully thread it through the loop created at the top of the tassel, being careful not to miss random threads. Close the jump ring and move the floss band as close to the jump ring as possible.

Assembling your leather wrap tassel bracelet

Step 1 | Wrap the suede comfortably around your wrist 2 or 3 times, whichever you prefer

Once you have your suede wrapped around your wrist, cut the ends so they almost meet.

Step 2 | Adding the fold over cord ends

If you pick a suede with little studs on it like this one, just cut/pry them off with scissors or wire cutters. Then it’s just a matter of squishing the suede into the fold over cord end pieces, and closing it up as tight as possible. I always tug on the suede to make sure it’s secure.

Step 3 | Attaching the charms and clasp

Using a jump ring, add the magnetic clasp to the fold over cord end. If you are adding a tassel or charms, now is the time to secure those also. Some may look best on the same jump ring as the clasp and others may be better on another one. Just play with it and decide which look you prefer for your bracelet.

The Hope Bracelet

The basic steps for this bracelet are outlined in this post here, with a few tweaks here and there.

Button closure

I opted for a pewter button clasp on this one, instead of a bead, to go with the pewter bar. You can use either one, but I happen to be partial to vintage buttons and beads. Simply thread a loose cord end through each of the holes in the button and tie a knot. The knot on the other folded end is just big enough for the button and knot to fit through and hold securely.


Using a stamp kit, spell out whatever word you like. As narrow as this charm is, I had to write hope vertically, but there are all sorts of options here. You could use a large double hole charm and a heart or other shape if you prefer.

I also used some black staz-on ink to make the letters stand out a little better. Though it’s obviously not professional, the total price makes is possible to make multiple bracelets of this sort, and I may well be doing that very thing in the weeks ahead.

You can secure all strands of cording in the jump ring for a different look.
My two favorite bracelets – Mama’s cuff that I wear almost every day and my new hope bracelet

Answered Prayers and a Hope Bracelet

So why does any of this matter?

The suede tassel bracelet is cobalt with a gold tassel because those are the school colors for one of our girls. And she decided it would be fun to wear when her guy is on the football field on a Friday night. More fun stocking stuffers here. A plain black or brown leather one could even work for a guy.

Hope Bracelet and Mama’s Cuff

First of all, there’s absolutely nothing magical about either of these bracelets. The cuff is a favorite because it was Mama’s. Enough said.

The hope bracelet is grey because that is the color used to raise awareness of glioblastoma. And hope is my own reminder that even when the diagnosis is grim, God is big and my hope is in Him, not the statistics.

This bracelet will be my reminder to pray for my brother and other friends who are fighting cancer, glioblastoma or otherwise.

So how about you? What color would you use and why? As I mentioned in my last post, if I can pray for you or someone you love who is fighting a similar battle please comment below or contact me at






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2 thoughts on “Answered Prayers and a Hope Bracelet

  1. I too have loved ones in this battle and would so appreciate prayer for them. My sweet friend, Alison, is a wife and homeschool Mama of 6 and is battling breast cancer. She has tested positive for the “cancer gene” which complicates things. Also, my friend’s son -in-law, Ben, just 33 years old and father of two little tikes is battling a rare form of brain cancer.

    Thankfulness abounds for your prayers on their behalf. <3

    1. I’m adding Allison and Ben to my prayer list along with their families and all those kids. Praying for God’s physical healing, for strength for the journey and for peace to surround each of their families. And for you as you love on them and their families ❤️

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