Fashion Friday | Monterray Denim Top/Tunic

Happy Friday before Thanksgiving! If you’re a Black Friday shopper, then enjoy the quiet of this day, because next week will be c-r-a-z-y! Or maybe you’re more of the Cyber Monday type, scooping up gifts sitting by a fire, sporting your cozy jammies and sipping hot chocolate. I have another idea for you to consider. Why not use the coupon code from Glamour Farms at the end of this post to pick up some new clothes and accessories to wrap up and slip under the tree? Just a little time-saving, stress-reducing tip that doesn’t involve waiting in a long line with the entire city and surrounding county. Today I have all the details you’ll need on the Fashion Friday Monterray Denim Top/Tunic and the $10 off coupon code from our friends at Glamour Farms.

You may even decide to go ahead and pick one of these up for yourself. I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about denim? It’s so versatile, comfy and classic. Here are a few options for styling this fun little number…

** This post contains some affiliate links. Basically, that means if you click on the links I’ve provided and decide to make a purchase, then I’ll make a little commission. It does not cost you anything extra, it just makes it easier for you to find products. THANK YOU for following along on this grand adventure at SoMuchMoore with Glamour Farms!**

And be sure to grab your coupon code and details for $10 off you Glamour Farms order for So Much Moore readers at the end of this post!

Fashion Friday | Monterray Denim Top/Tunic

GF Thanksgiving Monterray
The perfectly forgiving Thanksgiving Day outfit – I’m 5’5″ and wearing a size large.

To say that an outfit is forgiving can really mean two different things. It can be forgiving in that it doesn’t accent “problem areas”. If you’re a mom, there’s no need for me to explain this one. OR it can be forgiving in it’s stretch and comfort factor.  As in, comfy enough to thoroughly enjoy the biggest #YogaPantsForDays feast of the entire year.

So, you’ll be happy to know, that the Monterray Denim top is long enough for pretty much anyone to feel comfortable pairing it with leggings. That makes it cozy enough to feel a bit like jammies and yet still appropriate for all those guests. Which means that your Thanksgiving outfit is done, and now you just need to start baking all those pies!

Monterray Denim Detailing
And that detailing!

The contrasting floral medallion print rayon fabric adds such nice detail to the cuffs, inner neckline and placket. And the cotton denim is super soft and lightweight making it really comfortable. As popular as turtlenecks are on the fashion scene this year, it would also pair perfectly with a turtleneck underneath for those chilly January and February days.

Layering with a jacket, vest or sweater

If you prefer an outer layer as opposed to an underlayer then how about some of these possibilities?

monterray military jacket
A military jacket

Switch out the leggings for some colored denim skinny jeans, a military jacket and some military boots.

monterray cozy sweater
A cozy sweater

Or how about that favorite cozy sweater? This is the perfect outfit for a morning at the coffee shop reading, writing and catching up wtih friends.

monterray sweater vest
A sweater vest

Or maybe a sweater vest for an errand running day.

Or every scarf in your closet

monterray blanket scarf
A blanket scarf

Plaid is another hot trend this fall, and the soft Rachel plaid scarf from Glamour Farms is sure to keep you extra cozy too.

monterray metallic pashmina
A pashmina scarf with metallic details

If you want to go a little dressier, try a nice pair of leggings, riding boots and a pashmina scarf with some metallic detailing.

monterray pashmina
A muted pashmina

Or maybe a little more understated pashmina in more muted hues.

monterray fur infinity scarf
A fur infinity scarf

Anytime you can wear a fur infinity scarf it’s a good thing. And it pairs perfectly with the Monterray Denim Top.

The details and a coupon code

It could also easily transition from day to evening with some dressier black leggings, a blingy necklace and black heels. It’s a great foundation piece for the winter months and into spring too.

And speaking of foundation – don’t forget the awesome shapewear from Glamour Farms. I wear my tummy tuck crop leggings all the time because they feel awesome and they smooth everything out. They also make it possible to wear dresses that might be right on the edge of long enough. The long shapers are great for comfortably shaping and smoothing too and come in all sorts of colors. Any of these would be a perfect stocking stuffer for pretty much any woman!

As usual the Glamour Farms generously offers a $10 coupon code for SoMuchMoore readers.

Use the code SOMUCHMOORE268 to receive $10 off $20 or more of regularly priced merchandise between now and December 18.

Monterray free tip
And just in case …

Just in case your husband/photographer almost falls in the creek trying not to cast a shadow … be sure and have a good grip on the handrail. Otherwise, you may both find yourselves dumped in the creek on a chilly November morning.

And now you’re curious as to how that turned out, arent’ you …?



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