The Making of a Memory | A Tree Crate

Every now and again the making of a memory looks more like the fashioning of a treasure. It may be the gathering of an entire extended family for a few snapshots, which is largely akin to herding cats. Or the decking of halls and singing along with Christmas classics at Grandma and Grandpa’s home. And sometimes in the making of a memory, a tree crate becomes the reminder for years to come of a chilly afternoon spent creating together in the barn.

The making of a memory | a tree crate

There are only a few things you’ll need …

dad's barn

An old barn, that doubles as a treasure trove of discarded objects awaiting redemption.

old crate

An over-sized antique crate, tucked next to a post gathering autumn’s leaves.


A daddy with a morning blocked off to spend in the barn with one of his girls.

cutting the crate

A craftsman, who can build pretty much anything his kids and grandkids can dream up.

crate cutting

Power tools and a little ingenuity, because it’s always more fun when a bit of ingenuity is required.

rusty nail

Some rusty old nails, because those shiny new ones would never do.

wood brace

A wooden brace, to replace and secure the now smaller box.

And that is how the making of a memory looks like a tree crate.

tree crate

And very soon, this tree crate will be packed up and hauled home to grace the skirtless tree at our home.

And with it will come more memories …

… of daddy / daughter bonding days.

… of treasure hunting in the meandering barn.

… of wearing dad’s oversized work shirts and jackets to stay warm.

… of peanut M&Ms tucked in a pocket of the shirt because they’re his treat of choice

… of the thrill of creating something out of cast offs.

… of knowing the origin of some of this creative bent that flows through my veins.

… of the dreaming up of the next project memory making day.

Because there’s always another memory plan building in someone’s mind.


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