When a Thanksgiving Napkin Ring becomes a Christmas Ornament

Remember all those gorgeous Thanksgiving tablescapes I shared a few weeks ago? The #farmhouseholidayseries on Instagram with weekly inspiration from a group of incredibly talented decorators and bloggers? Part of their beauty is the treat of fresh baked bread or a package tied up with a bow at each place setting. Which made me wonder what would it look like when a Thanksgiving napkin ring becomes a Christmas ornament?


When a Thanksgiving Napkin Ring becomes a Christmas Ornament

This idea of a small gift for guests feels like such a welcoming gesture. It’s really quite simple for a napkin ring, or even place card, to double as a Christmas ornament. And they can range from elegantly formal to farmhouse rustic.

A blank slate of wood slices

To get your creativity flowing, here are a few ways you could use wood slices to create a set of napkin rings for your guests to take home and hang on their Christmas tree. You can purchase small wood slices pre-drilled or plain and drill your own small holes to add twine or ribbon.

Wood slice napkin ring ornaments

Write the name of each guest on a wood slice using a permanent marker. I used a .05 micron pen in black for these slices.

After you’ve written the name, go back over each down stroke to make a heavier line and it starts to look like calligraphy.

Use stamps and ink to add a word, phrase or image.

Go back and add a little color with permanent marker in another color, if you want to add some more interesting details.

Use a toothpick, acrylic paints and glitter.

Snowflakes are always a nice idea, scroll down to see the finished product

Add some paint almost to the edge for a pop of color.

If you plan to write over your painted wood slice, be sure to use a couple thin coats of paint instead of one thick one

Add chalkboard paint almost to the edge of the wood slice for endless possibilities.


Creating memories together

Just think about how much fun this would be at a kid’s table! Set out wood slices, markers,  paints, glitter, and maybe a few helpers, and everyone will have custom ornaments in no time. And some pretty excited kids when they get to hang their artwork on their tree. Then each year when the ornaments are pulled out to hang you’ll find yourself smiling silly at their artwork from years gone by.

When a Thanksgiving napkin ring becomes a Christmas Ornament

What other ways would you decorate wood slices? Or if that’s totally not your style, what type of napkin ring turned Christmas ornament would fit in with your Thanksgiving tablescape?


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