Advent Joy Devotion and Free Nativity Set

It’s our third week of advent devotions and a new ornament today! If you’ve missed the original posts in this series, you can catch up on all of them here.  This week we have the Advent joy devotion and free nativity ornament, which happens to be a few shepherds.  I love the childlike whimsical look of these ornaments and, as one reader described, their cheeky little grins are a bit endearing.

Colored shepherd ornament
Shepherd ornament, colored and ready to shrink

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Advent Joy Devotion and Free Nativity Set

You can find the printable PDF for this week’s Devotion and Nativity Ornament by clicking on the links below

Candle of Joy Devotion

Shepherd ornament
Finished Shpeherds Ornament

Shepherds Ornament

Christmas songs of Hope to enjoy this week

Joy to the World performed by Chris Tomlin

Oh What a Glorious Night performed by Sidewalk Prophets

Just a side note on the ornaments – When you’re shrinking the larger ornaments like the wise men, shepherds and the manger scene, they will try to curl up on themselves. And it can take twice as long for some of them because you will need to pull them out of the oven and unroll them. When they curl to the point where they almost touch each other, that’s your cue to pull them out, uncurl them and put them right back in. You will have to do this multiple times, but with a bit of patience and persistence they will work.


The Nativity ornament set was created by Katy Thay, who happens to be available for commissioned pieces. Feel free to contact me at for more information on Mrs. Thay. 

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