Best of 2016 | It’s in the redeeming

Sabbath. It’s the word that became my theme for the year almost 12 months ago. It’s been quite a journey, this learning to slow. To rest. To simply be. The calendar hasn’t always reflected the slow, providing countless opportunities to practice Sabbath in the chaos. It hasn’t always been easy. But it’s been good. And though there are still many details to learn, God has definitely been faithful in teaching me to stop, breathe and gaze at Him regardless of what’s swirling around in this old world. Looking back over the best posts of 2016, it’s in the redeeming here at So Much Moore. It’s been a bit surprising to me…


Best of 2016 | It’s in the redeeming

Many times, bloggers are advised to not post too many personal posts. They say it’s a good rule of thumb. And yet, I have seen more connections with you in the midst of those posts. Whether it’s the celebration of grand moments or the pain of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, you have been such an encouragement to me! I honestly don’t even know how to explain what it has meant. I suppose it’s the way daily life just resonates- the good, the bad and the ugly. It may be a different joy or struggle filling in your blanks, but we’re in this thing together. And what a joy it has been to walk these roads with you. So thank you!

Thank you for reading and for commenting and for praying and for this unique friendship. It spans miles upon miles, and may never involve face-to-face lattes, but it can  be, and has been, just as encouraging on any given day. For today, let’s just take a little stroll thru the past months to see what we’ve shared together in this space. It might be a good time to grab that latte and get comfortable.

Let the countdown begin

We’ll start from #10 because that’s what Letterman always did and it seemed to work pretty well for him … You can click on each title for a link to the original post

#10 When love waltzes right in your front door

There’s something so chivalrous about our guys scrapping their day to come home and show love, even when that might require a sappy movie and lots of Christmas ornaments. It’s what keeps chick flicks and Hallmark at the top of many a woman’s entertainment preference list.


#9 The Voice we’ve been given

Then there was this guy who we’ve come to know and love right along with his entire family for the past 5 or so years. God has graced him with some crazy musical talent and he has used that in so many ways from leading worship to competing on the voice in order to share Christ’s love with others. His backstory makes it even more amazing, that and the fact that I just love his Mama and her crazy self too!

#8 Borrowed Time

It was one of those rejoicing days with the annual PET scan results from my pancreatic cancer surviving Daddy that set my mind whirling about the fact that we don’t always get to choose the outcomes in life. But we do get to choose how to remember them, how to find the beauty and grace hidden within the heartache. And somedays we get to rejoice in an all out dance when test results come back. Either way, it matters how we choose to spend each of these borrowed days we’ve been gifted.

#7 Christmas Moments Present

Christmas is one of those seasons, probably the main season, that sends us into a bit of reminscing and enjoying all sorts of traditions. At our house, this year was a bit different, but it was oh, so very good as we broke from a few traditions and went a bit off-the-Christmas-grid. And with it came the reflecting on Christmas treasures from the past, Christmas moments in the present and Christmas hopes for the future.

2016 tree

#6 Write 31 Days 

In October of 2015 I joined hundreds of other bloggers in the Write 31 Days Challenge. I wasn’t really sure that I could keep it up, but I was determined to do my level best. By the 31st of that month I had posted every day about redeeming our homes and thus began what I consider to be the true launch of So Much Moore. I learned a lot about blogging, about myself and about how much I love connecting with others in this way.

#6 Mission Organization Closet Reveal

This past August I was blessed to go to the Haven home blogging conference in Atlanta, here’s a fun little back story on how that even came about. Upon my return I had started working with my first blog sponsor and soon collaborated with a few other bloggers in Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Project. It started with purging, a favorite of mine, and wrapped up a few weeks later with closet reveals and a giveaway on each blog. There were plenty of ideas, tips and DIY techniques in between and it has been one of my favorite projects this past year.

#5 Inspiration for your Holiday Table

The idea of making our homes and tables inviting for others to come and linger is one that is near and dear to my heart. I’m guessing you’re the same way too or you wouldn’t be hanging out here with us. This holiday round-up was such fun because the bloggers featured are absolutely amazing and their Thanksgiving tablescapes were such a gorgeous mix of elegant, simple, fresh and natural. That may not seem easy to achieve, but they brought plenty of inspiration for each of us, crafty or not, to bring a little cozy magicalness to our own gatherings.


#4 Unforgettable, that’s what you are

Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story? Apparently y’all do! And I’m right there with you, especially when it involves our only boy and this girl that I’ve loved for well over a decade now. The weaving of their story is one for the books, or big screen, and we couldn’t be more excited about their wedding early this summer.

#3 Twenty-five years later

The theme that strikes me over and over with this list of the top ten is one of redemption and relationship. Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago speaks to both. This life is all about both. If anything lasts for 25 years in our culture, then you can be pretty sure there’s been lots of redeeming along the way. Redeeming in my heart, redeeming in his, redeeming in us and this passel of kids we’ve been blessed with. And at the end of this redeeming, and every step along the way, the reward is relationship. Some days that relationship thing feels tougher than others, but it’s worth pushing through those to the redeeming on the other side.

16.11 SB thanksgiving

#2 Fashion Fridays with Glamour Farms

At Haven in August, I started working with Glamour Farms a boutique in Illinois. It has pushed me well outside of my comfort zone, but it has been such fun to style clothes from their store each month. I have found myself making more fun fashion choices when combining items in my own closet and that been an unexpected perk of working with this family-owned company.


#1 Because God is Good

When I started this post I had no doubt that this was going to be the most popular post this year, for the entire blog actually. It was the day we found out that my older brother was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. He has since had surgery, returned to the states and begun treatments to battle the cancer. As desperately as we want the statistics to be on our side in this diagnosis, as a family we know that whatever the outcome, God is good. The deepest desire of our hearts is to share that truth with others, even when finding the good isn’t immediately obvious.


Not only is it the favorite post among readers, it’s my personal favorite too.

Redeeming  fabrics and furniture and homes is great fun. Seeing the potential, enduring the sometimes grueling process and enjoying the finished product. It’s just fun.

But of all things to redeem, a soul is the most precious. And that is my prayer for each of you. Believing the potential, enduring the process and enjoying the redeeming.

Happy New Year friends! And thank you again for joining us here.


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