Christmas Treasures Past

Three weeks ago I was able to enjoy an extended visit with my family after Thanksgiving. Late one afternoon, my stepmom and I set to work decorating her and Dad’s Christmas tree. We poured fresh cups of coffee, queued the Christmas music and started pulling ornaments out of tote boxes hauled up from the basement. As we opened one particular box, my breath caught a bit at a collection of Christmas treasures beaming up at me in all their dusty glory.

Christmas treasures past

Christmas Treasures Past

Vintage anything has long been a favorite of mine. But when the vintage comes with your Mama’s handwriting recording “1964 – First Christmas out of Army,” well then it’s just plain hard to see straight for the tears pooling in your eyes.

Underneath the first two boxes was another labeled “Tipton 1940’s”. The very glass ornaments that had graced Mamaw and Papaw’s tree for a good 30 years before this Christmas morning photo was snapped.

circa 1972
Christmas 1972 or thereabouts

And then in her signature gracious way, Grandma Mary, as we call her, quickly offered the entire collection to my brother, sister and me. In that moment, I knew that we had been graced with the sweetest of gifts.

1940s & 1964 ornaments
Tipton 1940s

The ornaments themselves definitely hold the status of treasure in my book. But the even greater treasure is a stepmom with a desire to honor the memories of Christmases past with our Mama right alongside her commitment to love each of us deeply all at the same time.

Ah, the grace of Christmas extended to us that afternoon. It was such a sweet gift.

1964 ornaments
The treasures of Christmas past

An even greater treasure is the grace offered us over 2000 years ago in the hope of Emmanuel, God with us.

May your Christmas be filled with such life-changing grace this very day!


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