Emmanuel, God with us

This morning breaks with the mixed bag of  day after emotions. One moment it’s a smile that spreads across your face recalling the look of surprise and excitement as those around you opened “the perfect gift”, especially if you’re the one who gave the gift. Tumbling right on top of that early morning memory is the knowing that someone has to clean up the remnants of yesterday’s merriment. And then there’s the storing of Christmas and moving on in the not-so-magical daily life challenges after a long-anticipated holiday. That little title up there at the top of this post, “Emmanuel, God with us” may seem a bit too little, too late. But, oh my friend, there’s nothing little about it at all, and it’s never too late.

emmanuel spray

He remains long after Christmas had been stored away

The beauty of Emmanuel is that He has come to stay amongst us, to offer His redemption and live within us. And though we can rattle off a myriad of regrets as to why it’s too late for us to respond, they all flat in light of His grace.

His promise for those who trust in Him is unchanging. He is with us. Period.

In every tough moment.

In every fear.

In every abandonment.

In every rejection.

He gets it. And He promises to be with us.

He was welcomed into this world with all the fanfare of a stinky stable and feed trough. Kind of an intense rejection for those first few breaths!

emmanuel wreath

Yes, the fanfare of Christmas has come and gone, the torn wrappings and ribbons crammed into overstuffed trash bags, and the tree turned a bit crunchy. But the greatest gift of Christmas remains today. And tomorrow.

 Whatever this day and all those ahead may hold for you – know that there’s One who gets it. He is Emmanuel. God with us.

The One who has come is the same one who promises to walk through it with you. It’s a truth as comforting as the bands of swaddling cloth that surrounded Him those 2000 years ago.

Emmanuel, God with us!

A downloadable gift for you

Artwork created by Claire Moore, because her Mama is amazed by her drawing abilities and she loves drawing pictures and verses to give to her friends, and today you are amongst her friends. You can download your own copy of each of these by clicking the link below. And next year you can use them to create a little canvas artwork for you Christmas tree

Emmanuel Spray

Emmanuel wreath

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