An invitation to share some love with a cookie party

As kids many of us looked forward to decorating a shoe box, picking out Valentine’s for our classmates and an afternoon party at school. What’s not to love about sugar upon sugar? According to Hallmark, the 114 million cards sent on Valentine’s Day are second only to Christmas. That doesn’t even consider those exchanged in construction covered boxes in classrooms across the country. As the years pass we narrow our Valentine’s Day focus to a more select group of friends, those we’ve walked with more closely in the day to day. It’s a good reminder to show love and gratitude to those around us. But as nice as the chocolate and cards are, for many of us, the years also bring a deeper appreciation for time and connection with others as opposed to tangible gifts. These intangibles gifts are the sort of things you can look forward to here in the next two weeks, along with a few DIYs to whip up in the process. So you can consider today to be an invitation to share some love with a cookie party.

baked cookie hearts

Because Cookies!

Age really isn’t a factor in the love of cookies though it may determine the thickness of icing and the total weight of sprinkles mounded on top

of said cookies. When our kids were in their early years we had a cookie decorating party ever December. There were dozens upon dozens of shaped sugar cookies, tubs and tubs of icing, jar after jar of sprinkles and friends upon friends filling the entire house and spilling outside into the south Florida sunshine.

It was the one thing our four requested to do year after year. It didn’t take long before friends began asking in early November when that year’s party was scheduled, so they could plan accordingly. Granted there were loads of sugar to enjoy and more to take home, but I’m convinced it was the hours of playtime for the kids and hang out time for the Mamas that kept people coming back year after year.

heart cookies

So today I have a  few of the cookie party basics to share with you – recipes, invites and labels for cookie creations. Next week you can look for decorating ideas, tips, pictures and hopefully some inspiration for throwing your own Valentine’s Cookie Party!

An invitation to share some love with a cookie party

valentines cookie party

Click here for the PDF to print out your own invites and add the details for your cookie party.

Disposable containers make great “gift bags” for your guests to take their cookie creations home, or paper plates with press-n-seal for those of us on a tighter budget. Either way you’ll want a label, because it can be near tragic to get home with someone else’s cookies, especially if you’re a kid who worked hard on your edible creations!

have a sweet

Click here for the PDF to print out labels with room for each guest’s name to add to your cookie gift bags.

And a few favorite recipes too

Anabel’s Sugar Cookies

Years ago I was given a recipe for shaped sugar cookies and it has been my go-to ever since. It calls for a little almond extract giving it a slightly unique flavor, but it can easily be omitted if you’re not really a fan. Based on experience, your guests will be asking for the recipe, so it seemed a good idea to include a festive PDF recipe too…

anabels cookie recipe

You can click here  for the PDF printable recipe for Anabel’s Sugar Cookies

Buttercream Icing

Last week I came across this recipe for Quick and Almost-Professional Buttercream Icing created by xoshadyxo on and now I have a new go-to for perfect icing. It truly does taste almost professional. Since you already have 3 printables for your own cookie party, we might as well add another one too, right?

You can click here for the Quick and Almost-Professional Buttercream Icing  for the PDF printable recipe.

Because cookies are for sharing!

Throwing a Valentine’s Cookie Party will take a bit longer than signing valentine cards, and it will probably cost a little more money too, but it will be so worth it! The time and sugar shared with friends and the making of memories are what this love thing is all about in the first place.

This week is the perfect time to work on planning your own party. From picking a date and time to compiling your guest list, which by the way is just as much fun for a group of Mamas as it is with kids. Think about it – Moms, adult conversation, sugar that you don’t have to share, and an excuse to be as creative or not creative as you like. Sounds like a pretty awesome girls night out to me!

Next week you can look for those decorating ideas, tips, pictures and a little more inspiration for throwing your own Valentine’s Cookie Party! So who would you invite to a cookie party? Kids? Neighbors? Families for a cookie decorating / game night? Girlfriends?

You can find the next post, Cookie Party Hacks | Tips, Tricks & a few Pics here

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