Essentials | Weekend packing list & chocolate

In the spirit of full disclosure, I can be a bit high maintenance. It’s true. Exhibit A – I sleep with 3 pillows. Every night. And a super soft bear that my youngest gave me, from her own collection. The pillows come with me whenever we make a car trip. All 3 of them. Exhibit B – I’m a firm believer that espresso beans should be covered in dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate. Please understand, I’m not saying I won’t eat milk chocolate espresso beans, I’m not a total snob here. But who’s crazy idea was it anyway to even consider milk chocolate when dark is so much better?  Exhibit C – I have an essentials  weekend packing list & chocolate is right up there at the top. And now I have your full attention, right?

Essentials Weekend packing list & chocolate
Chocolate covered espresso beans at the ready

Take this weekend for example.
We’re taking off from our local airport at this very moment, through a wee bit of turbulence I might add. Myself and 176 of my new friends are heading to the beaches of sunny Florida. The gal next to me is visiting family over the long weekend. As an aside, if you don’t currently have family or friends in Florida to visit in the winter, let that be one of your goals in this new year. And me? Well I’m heading to my forever friends home to work on the wedding plans of her girl and my boy. Dress fittings and meetings with caterers and talking details and coffee and dark chocolate and oh my goodness, this thing we dreamed of for years is really happening!

In light of my current 2 hour and 25 minute flight, it’s seems like the perfect opportunity to share my priority packing list with y’all. Because come next winter, you too will have family or friends in Florida, per our little conversation above, and you’ll find yourself on a flight and these are important things that you’ll need to know. You’re welcome!

In an effort to keep things cheap, remember we have wedding festivities to pay for here, I have a personal item in which to bring my necessities for the weekend. Who needs a checked bag or carry-on for 3 days when you’re heading to your friend’s house in sunny Florida? Typically I would opt for a backpack, but I really wanted to bring my new toy camera and the camera bag seemed like the safest option. So, the camera bag it is!

Essentials Weekend packing list & chocolate
A few other essentials

Technically it’s more like a messenger bag with lots of padding, but it’s still a good bit smaller than my usual backpack. And just for kicks here’s what inside …

Essentials | Weekend packing list & chocolate too

Yoga pants, because hello #yogapants #thebraindoesntworkwhenthewaistisrestricted
Button down shirt
Graphic baseball tee
Thin long sleeve tee
3 pair of no-show socks
Make-up and a few toiletries
Vitamins and migraine meds #welcometomyworld
Essential oils, because I truly don’t go anywhere without them. Ever.
Snack bag stuffed with dark chocolate espresso beans, a little emptier now than when I left the house a few hours ago
DSLR camera & manual
iPad & charger

The original packing list included a pair of summer sandals, but there wasn’t much room left. I also had a little procedure on my toe yesterday and at this point it seemed cruel to subject anyone, friend or stranger, to that visual.

Bottom line – the last 5 items are my priority list. This is not the stuff of a fashion post, y’all. At all. Seriously, I could always borrow a shirt of some sort from my friend. And with just a touch of sun, the right cover-up, eye liner, mascara and a good lip gloss should do the trick.

I was a little ridiculously proud of myself for cramming a weekend into one bag, because I’m weird like that. Cool perk? I’ll have extra room on the way home since that entire bag of chocolate covered espresso beans will be long gone. Then again, there may or may not be a fresh bag in there place. Time will tell.

So how about you? What are your absolute essentials on a personal bag-only flight? I’m curious to know if I’m not the only woman out there who puts chocolate as line item #1 on the short list …


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    1. I actually added an evening gown to my bag on the way home, Sarah! It was pretty classy all stuffed to the gills! I would love the link to your party dress – there’s always a rehearsal dinner and lots of other opportunities and it was so versatile and flattering! Thank you lady ❤️

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