Sinking deep into the respite

We had Christmas yesterday.

Yes, we know that the calendar said it was New Year’s Day, but we decided that the calendar wasn’t the boss of us. For when it’s your first chance to get all those kids together in the midst of their adventure-filled days, then you take it.  You’ll open stockings because everyone knows they’re the bestest gifts anyway. And you’ll find yourself sinking deep into the respite of this season of together.

pizza christmas tree

You may even find yourself enjoying a little pizza that your hubby decided to whip up for everyone. Because Christmas stockings and pizza are a match made in heaven, right?

sewing room waterlogue

Honestly y’all, who couldn’t use a break of some sort after the whim of a decision to purge the sewing room. Like purge to the point that the blurry picture had to be Waterlogued because it was just too much chaos without some sort of filter.

Mason blankets

As the day closes, you’ll find the dog all cozied up in the aftermath of the festivities. Which just might get you thinking about the wisdom of your tired old pup. The chockful wonderfulness of the Holiday season calls for a respite of sorts. Maybe a nap. Maybe some organizing of thoughts and rooms and life that just didn’t happen last week. Or last month. Maybe another nap. Or two…

Whatever it entails, I’ll be exploring that for the remainder of this week. You won’t be finding the usual Wednesday and Friday posts here this week. Next Monday, when I come back from sinking deep into the respite I have planned, it will most likely be with lots of new ideas to look for in the year ahead at So Much Moore. And hopefully, a more organized room and mental space from which to do them. 

In the meantime, follow along on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll be following y’all too. You can check out the waterlogue app here too if you feel a need to create without too much effort. But be warned, it’s a little addictive.

Thank you for your patience and grace in this in-between space.

See you Monday!


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