The beauty of a good purge a quiet space and a fresh slate

 If you haven’t heard about purging or organizing or minimalism or hygge or quieting our homes … or slowing our lives this month, then I’m assuming you’ve been on some sort of social media hiatus. If on the other hand, you’ve become a student of such things, then I’m right there with you. It’s January and our hearts and minds naturally seem to turn this direction as each new year gets underway. I’ve been a lifelong organizer, but this past year has been a bit different than others. It’s been more than a little surprising and inspiring to see the beauty of a good purge a quiet space and a fresh slate.

sewing room heirlooms

A good purge

If you’re joining us this morning from my sweet friend  Carmella’s blog then let me just say welcome and I’m so glad you’re here! I have long admired her confidence in against-the-grain simplicity and her way of treasuring the everyday. I’m quite sure you too have come to appreciate that about her. When her family moved from Florida to Wyoming she opted for an intense home purge like none I had ever seen. I still enjoy a few treasures from that purge and even more than those treasures, the entire concept that she had unknowingly introduced me to. A good purge.

In our home, the purge started with our bedroom closet and has s-l-o-w-l-y made its way through our home. The blessing of our daughter and son-in-law moving in for a few months over the summer, as well as the decision to go ahead and finish the basement, have added no small amount of chaos to the process.

But the honest truth is that I’m incredibly sentimental. As much as the minimalist mindset appeals to me, I have a tough time when it comes to things to which I have attributed some level of nostalgic value. They say this is not uncommon and I’m wondering if this is a tough one for you too?

A quiet space

It’s preciesly why the sewing room has been last on my list of areas to tackle. Even Marie Kondo suggests that the tidying process move from the least to the most sentimental, the easiest to the toughest areas to let go. And though I’m not a purist when it comes the KonMari method, this is a concept that I completely understand.

vintage sewing supplies
A few of my grandma’s sewing supplies

This room is filled with my Mama’s creativity, my Daddy’s ingenuity, and a smattering of family heirlooms tucked here and there. The problem is that it’s so chock full of sentiment that the beauty of each item has been lost in the overall noise of the space.

 A few weeks ago, after a frustrating episode of trying to locate what I needed for a project and feeling a bit claustraphobic with the clutter, I finally decided it was time to make a change. It’s not exactly unlike the resolve we all make to get in shape after the excess of the holidays.

I’m not really sure where this room will be on the other side of this purging and quieting job but these are the things that I do know …

it will not require new paint on the walls

it will not involve much money if any at all

it will hold less furniture

it will call for shopping the house

it will have less clutter on flat surfaces

it will most definitely highlight family heirlooms telling part of our story

it will include enough white space for creativity to flourish

vintage times three

A fresh slate

It feels a lot like an operation, doesn’t it? This purging of sentimental treasures. There can be a certain fear in the anticipation of “the procedure”. There’s the cutting away of excess, and the long road to recovery is much akin to the time required from the start to the finish of such an undertaking. But in the end, there’s beauty, healing and a new normal for what had been a growing problem. And along with that comes a new motivation to do everything possible to avoid repeating the painful procedure.

The beauty of a good purge a quiet space and a fresh slate

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So how about you? What area of your home, or days, are ready for a good purge, a quiet space and a fresh slate? If it’s a space in your home do tell us about it. These undertakings are so much nicer with friends to share the path.

FT banner photo
Photo used with permission from Finding Time to Hold Dearly course

If it’s the hours in your day, then might I suggest my friend Sarah’s new course, Finding Time to Hold Dearly. You’ll be amazed at the calm in your heart and schedule in the midst of accomplishing more than you ever imagined possible.

Either way, I would love to know if you are also on this journey so we can encourage one another along the way. And hopefully soon, we can share updated pictures and stories of the beauty that comes from a good purge a quiet space and a fresh slate.


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2 thoughts on “The beauty of a good purge a quiet space and a fresh slate

  1. Thiis past week, we cleaned out and organized what we have dubbed our “Narnia Closet.” A person could have gone to a whole new world in there! Now everything is in nice totes and the floor can we seen again. It feels so good, though it was pretty difficult getting rid of some keepsakes. It feels like betrayal of that person, sometimes…especially if they are no longer alive, doesn’t it? I donated some items in hopes they would go on to bless others. ❤

    1. Woohoo to cleared spaces! And yes, the parting with “just things” can be akin to a second grief when we’ve already lost someone. That’s why my sewing room has been my last space, with so many memories and blessings from my Mama ❤ And yet, as seriously as she took the curating of her sewing supplyou collection, she would probably appreciate my own need to simplify and highlight the truly special! BTW- all prayers accepted as I “go in” this weekend and hopefully come out successful on the other side of this purge!

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