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It’s mid-week, and it seems the perfect day to share a quick gift idea for that in-between group of people who have touched your days. You know the ones … the teachers and coaches and doctors and neighbors and … The ones who need more than a little Valentine’s card but not quite as much as an entire bouquet of flowers or a diamond necklace. Which is why Canning Jar Charm | Cookies Aplenty seems like the perfect post for what appears to be a cloudy February day in our part of the world. After all, what could brighten a day more than the promise of cookies? And if there are going to be cookies, then there should necessarily be cookies aplenty, because one should never run out of such sweet kindness!

spilled M&Ms

Basically, all you need is a quart size canning jar and your favorite cookie recipe, and a few extra details to keep in mind …

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The dry ingredients should measure 4 cups or slightly less.

cookie layers

If your recipe calls for a topping that needs to stay separate from the main cookie ingredients, tie the topping ingredients in a small cellophane bag with baker’s twine and tuck it in the top of your canning jar.

If chocolate chips are in your ingredient list, switch some out for seasonal M&Ms in festive colors. Same goes for switching out craisins or other colorful dried fruits for raisins.

overhead cookie jar

Layer ingredients according to color and texture. If they’re all going in the same bowl at the same time, it doesn’t really matter if the brown sugar or the white sugar is added first or second. Just pull out all your ingredients and add them to your jar based on which colors or textures make the prettiest layering order.

Handwrite baking instructions on a card and tie it to the neck of the jar with twine or ribbon and you’re set.layered cookie jars

If you prefer brownies or cake to cookies, then by all means, make your mix accordingly!

The best accompaniment to your cookie mix? Well, that would be an invitation to bake cookies together. What a sweet gift to spend an hour or two with someone who can’t get out of their home for one reason or another. While you’re at it, bring a gallon of milk and an additional mix so they still have one to enjoy later. The memories made in that short time together make cookies taste even better for everyone!

spilled M&Ms landscape

We’ll be delivering a few of these to our favorite family doctor and a few neighbors this weekend. So how about you? Who do you know that would appreciate a canning jar cookie mix?

Here are a few of my favorite canning jar mix goodies …

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