Canning Jar Charm | Sausage Spice Mix

There’s a simple beauty in a canning jar filled with layers of dry ingredients. The old world look is the best marriage of simple beauty and utilitarian practicality. It’s why we find shelves of classic cookie and brownie recipes layered into canning jars for Christmas gift-giving. But they aren’t limited to gift giving. Sugars, dried herbs and mixes of all kinds are perfect for canning jars, or any wide-mouthed jar that has been scrubbed clean and relieved of its label. Last week I was mixing up some spices for my favorite sausage recipe and snapped a quick pic of the layers in the process. And at the request of a friend, today seems to be a good time to share with y’all what we’ll call Canning Jar Charm | Sausage Spice Mix.

sausage mix pic

This recipe is an adaptation of the Breakfast Sausage recipe found in the Paleo Comfort Foods Book. The main adjustment being to tone down the heat a bit because, well, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to some spices. My favorite way to prepare this sausage is with sweet potatoes sauteed in coconut oil with a touch of cinnamon, cloves and garlic for breakfast. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can add fresh spinach and an over-easy fried egg on top. Or you can always go the more traditional route and whip up some biscuits and sausage gravy.

Canning Jar Charm | Sausage Spice Mix

sausage spice mix

If you would like to print this out in a PDF you can do so here.

If you plan to give the mix as a gift, the layered look makes a nice presentation. Before actually making the sausage you’ll want to mix the ingredients well.

homemade sausage

You can print out the PDF of measurements for each quantity of sausage here.

I typically make either 5 or 10 pounds at a time using ground turkey and freeze what I won’t use within the week.  You could also use ground pork or venison if you prefer. One of my favorite things about this sausage, other than the taste, is knowing that the ingredient list doesn’t include nitrates, nitrites or added sugars. Well, that and the fact that its incredibly affordable and easy to make, especially since the jar of spices is already mixed up and ready to go.

And then after breakfast is over, you’ll find yourself wanting to add it to chili and lasagna and most other recipes that call for ground beef. How about you? Do you have a favorite sausage dish?


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