Hot Chocolate on a Stick and a Midwinter Challenge

A  few years ago I came across a fun idea for Hot Cocoa on a Stick that Brittany from Be Be a la Mode Designs shared over at Thirty Handmade Days. She starts with a bag of chocolate chips and a few other ingredients and even includes a free printable label. They were very well received as Christmas gifts that year, because who doesn’t appreciate chocolate on a stick? Well, that got me thinking about the official holiday of all chocolate holidays next week and how these little chocolate beauties could be part of the intangible gift of time and connection. And so the Hot Chocolate on a Stick and a Midwinter Challenge was born.

Hot Cocoa on a Stick by Brittany @ Bebe a la mode designs

More Hot Chocolate on a stick

Since that first Christmas, I’ve learned that there is no shortage of yummy hot chocolate on a stick recipes and variations on Pinterest …

babble hot cocoa
Hot Chocolate on a Stick by Sheri Silver @ Babble

Like this one by Sheri Silver on Babble that includes a 4-ingredient recipe for making the chocolate yourself along with several flavoring and topping ideas. Sheri also suggests making several cubes to build your own stash, as once you make these you will be completely ruined for store-bought hot chocolate from now until the end of time.

Hot Cocoa on a Stick by Christina @ Intimate Weddings

Or how about these hand-cut beauties with a dusting of cocoa powder, by Christina over at Intimate Weddings blog? They look special enough to grace a dessert and beverage bar at any winter wedding.

Peppermint Marshmallow Hot Chocolate on a Stick by Kayley @ The Kitchen McCabe

If you’re feeling a little more creative, then consider these variations from Kayley at The Kitchen McCabe. Her Peppermint Marshmallow Hot Chocolate includes homemade peppermint marshmallows and chocolate ganache. And just in case peppermint isn’t your thing … then I must ask you to explain yourself because I honestly don’t understand she also created a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Stick recipe, pictured below, which obviously includes salted caramel with the chocolate and homemade marshmallow too. Love language status here!

And a winter challenge

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Sticks by Kayley @ The Kitchen McCabe

Several weeks ago I promised y’all that you would find a few DIYs here for Valentine’s Day, but that the bigger focus would be on the intangible gifts of time and connection.

Think with me for a minute if you will about that one friend you’ve intended to contact so you could catch up. The one you keep meaning to text or call but then you keep forgetting because life is busy. After several weeks and months, the idea of reaching out again pops into your head, but this time it accompanied with a heavy dose of guilt. The “What kind of a friend am I?” doubts, that bring just enough shame to keep you from calling … yet again. So you decide it’s been too long and you just let it go. It’s what we do. Problem is, we end up letting that friendship slip away, right alongside that phone call, all thanks to what started as a little regret!


Now, about that challenge … Go ahead and call that friend. Admit that you wish you had called earlier and set up a Hot Chocolate, or coffee or tea, date to catch up. Then take an hour to whip up a few batches of hot chocolate on a stick and tote them and a gallon of milk right along with you. While you’re at it, make that whole milk, because friendships are definitely worth a few extra cents and calories. And sit across from that sweet friend and catch up. Over chocolate.

Because when it comes to reconnecting, now is always a good time. Whenever your now happens to be. And why not make your now sooner as opposed to later?

And that’s your challenge, should you choose to accept it. And oh how I hope you accept it! I’ll be doing the same over here and looking forward to hearing comments about your sweet cocoa chats in the coming weeks. Who’s in?


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