Moving from broken to beloved

I don’t know your story, but I’ve heard quite a few this past week. Stories permeated with heartache and brokenness in every realm – physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, relational. Stories of so many longing to be moving from broken to beloved.

For some it’s just a page or two of their story, for others it feels more like chapters. Chapters of broken fragments longing to be whole and dearly loved.

The only comfort I know is found in my relationship with my Creator and His declaration that I am His beloved child. We don’t always feel that way, but we also know that our feelings can be a terrible barometer of the truth of a matter.

So, I suppose this reminder is for the whole broken mess of us, from Ann Voskamp’s latest book, The Broken Way.

While we’re all trying to wrap our head and heart around this, I’ll be praying for your story too. And as always I consider it an honor to pray for your specific page or chapter, just let me know.

You can download the “I am beloved” quote here and feel free to share with others you know who may also need this little reminder today.

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