My top 5 e-course picks for 2017

A few weeks back I shared an e-course with y’all about Finding Time in your day to live a life of purpose. If you are one of those who feels a bit overwhelmed with all the details of life then you can find all the pertinent information about Sarah’s course here. If on the other hand, you are unfamiliar with this overwhelm I speak of then … well, then I think I would like to meet you, because you, my friend, are one-of-a-kind! Now that I’ve completed her course and starting reigning in the chaos that is my life I have added a few blocks of time throughout my week to work through some e-courses. I’ve enrolled in several courses in the past year and today I want to share my top 5 e-course picks for 2017. And I would absolutely love to hear about any others that you’ve come across too!

The compilation of what I’ve learned in a few of my favorite e-courses about organizing, decor, art and photography.

My top 5 e-course picks for 2017

This post contains an affiliate link. Basically, that means if you click on the links I’ve provided and decide to make a purchase, then I’ll make a little commission. It does not cost you anything extra, it just makes it easier for you to find products. Thank you for choosing to support this space and my family in this way.

Cozy Minimalist
photo by Myquillin Smith, aka. the Nester, Cozy Minimalist course

If you follow very many home design blogs at all then you’ve probably heard of Myquillin Smith, aka. the Nester. Her phrase “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” or #idhtbptbb has resonated with so many people, granting the elusive freedom to just go for it in this whole home decor realm. Her Cozy Minimalist course will walk you through the process of decorating a room by starting with what to focus on, where to spend money, how to get the look you want and what not to worry about at all. I’m using this course in redoing my sewing room using some family heirlooms and I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenge and the entire process of it all.

Jeanne Oliver
Photo by Jeanne Oliver’s Advanced Hand Lettering Course with Jen Wagner, part of Jeanne’s art courses through The Living Studio

One of the fun things about watching your kids grow up is seeing where their passions will lead. Several of ours have been graced with amazing drawing and painting skills. I’m sad to say they did not get that from me. But that’s okay because Jeanne Oliver Courses cover so many topics from drawing, painting and creating to faith, business and even several kid’s classes. I’m still working through the Advanced Hand Lettering class that I started last year and find myself experimenting with techniques in my bullet journal. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that my days are less stressed and more enjoyable when I carve out a bit of time to create something and this course is perfect for snippets of time here and there.

The Broken Way
Photo from about her latest book The Broken Way

When it comes to Bible and book studies there are about a bajillion of them online. is a great blog that currently has 16 book studies and they are always adding more to walk through with other women. I’m currently working through The Broken Way Online Study at Faith Gateway. Ann Voskamp’s books have resonated deeply with me with their thought-provoking truth that cuts to the core of so many issues. This particular book weaves her own story of brokenness that leads us to a deeper understanding of God’s redemption in the busted up mess of our lives. There’s healing to be found in this message.

Snap Shop
Photo by AhsleyAnnPhotography for her Snap Shop courses

Then there’s Snap Shop by Ashley Ann Photography. I actually won a year membership to her site this past fall. I was standing in line at the doctor’s office with a messed up foot and all but busted out in a happy dance when I opened the e-mail declaring that I had won. It was the very week that I was finally able to purchase the DSLR camera I had been saving for, but didn’t really know how to use well. Like I said, happy dance! There are tons of classes on all things photography including an entire course tips and tricks for using your phone to capture daily life. And what fun I’m having as a DSLR newbie learning all about the things I can do with this new toy treasure.

Finding Time
FT banner photo
Photo used with permission from Finding Time to Hold Dearly course created by my sweet friend Sarah Phillips

And again, I wouldn’t be able to even find the time to sit down and actually do something with each of these classes if it weren’t for Sarah’s Finding Time course. So, how about you? Have you done any e-courses? Do you have any favorites? Or maybe one or two that you intend to complete this year? Let us know in the comments, so we can add them to our list in the months to come!

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