Bargain Basement Project Update

“Things take longer than they do.” Uncle Danny said that years ago, and he’s a pretty smart guy so I believed him. I think I was still in braces and looking forward to getting my drivers permit at the time. And here I am now, with years of adulting behind me and I have no doubt that Uncle Danny knows a thing or two, most of his wisdom being just as profound as this little gem. Take home projects for instance, ten months ago I shared this post full of inspiring projects and ideas for finishing our basement. Which makes today the perfect time for our basement reveal, right? But alas, things take longer than they do, remember? So instead we’ll just stick with our bargain basement project update. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a basement reveal soon! A girl can dream, right?

It’s pictures like this from that have served as the inspiration for finishing this space. I love the relaxed but put together feel of the rough brick wall combined with weathered shelves and crystal drawer pulls. It creates a space that makes you just want to linger and enjoy. *Sigh*

The Plan

Just for a bit of context, when we moved to the bluegrass we were fortunate enough to find a foreclosure home in great shape that had an unfinished walk-out basement. It was exactly what we were looking for because we knew we would be up for investing some sweat equity. We also believed at the time that we would have been enjoying it for several years by now, but as you well know, things take longer than they do.

The bulk of the space is long and narrow with a  sort of alcove for the kitchenette and a full bathroom that was already framed in. Our plan has been to create a large casual space for our family to hang out, as well as our young adult kids and their friends. We also want to use it for overnight guests. To balance all of these goals we chose an open concept with a few defined areas using furniture, rugs and a few natural breaks in the space. The ceilings are a standard 8 foot and with French doors and five good sized windows, it doesn’t feel too much like a basement.

The Kitchenette Wall

One of the first post-drywall projects was the addition of a faux brick wall to the kitchenette. We followed the tutorial and tips from Sawdust to Stitches and are already loving the old world charm it has added to this brand new space. You can find the tutorial here.

And if you’re going to do a brick wall, then why not use open shelving too? Our son-in-law worked hard on that wall and we designed it to be a focal point, so open shelving it is! My friend, Traci from Beneath My Heart installed open shelving in her kitchen when they remodeled and I’ve loved them ever since. Gorgeous, right! There are so many quick changes that can be made to welcome any season or occasion and I’m looking forward to that.

Since we’re going for an industrial farmhouse look, we’ve opted for stained wood shelves with plumbing pipe hardward. Simple, rustic and practical for this space.  Casey and Bridget at The DIY Playbook have a tutorial here for knock off Restoration Hardware shelves with a childproof feature that we will definitely be including.

We picked up some base cabinets at a local salvage supply and painted them a medium grey. After a trek to Ikea, we added a butcher block counter top and farm sink. The only con to the sink is that now I want to redo our kitchen with a farm sink too. Apparently, we have to finish the basement before we tear into a project like that!

The Kitchen Table

Years ago we bought a basic 3′ by 5′ kitchen table at a yard sale. One of the legs was damaged in the midst of our move and three legs aren’t exactly safe, but the top is in good shape. So why not add a little more pipe and create a table similar to this one here from Being Joy Photography.

The Bathroom Towel Bars

The bathroom base cabinet is similar to the kitchen cabinets and finished off with a countertop sink. We went with a rugged looking tile with slate accents for the shower and are beyond thrilled with how it turned out.

To continue the rustic theme, we’re mounting a narrow antique tongue and groove wall panel and adding hooks for towels and robes. Shayna over at The Woodgrain Cottage created this railroad spike wall hook rack for her bathroom and it would fit perfectly with the vibe we’ve got going in this room. We’re hoping our favorite blacksmith, aka Dad, can make some of these awesome hooks from his railroad tie hook collection in the barn.

More details to come soon

Those are some of the design details at this point, with plenty of repurposing projects to keep us busy for weeks. Even though we had hoped to be done by now, we all know things take longer than they do. And fortunately, there’s lots of inspiration to be found online, because otherwise, things would also cost more than they do too!

Do you have any real life proof that things take longer than they do? If so, I would love to hear about it. I’m thinking it might help me feel better about the slower pace we’ve had to adopt on this one!

Happy Monday, friends!


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