Choosing Gratitude | On a Monday morning

How quickly Monday morning details can seek to commandeer our hearts and minds. We’re not talking about big or even remotely tragic things, just the stuff of life. Chores and time changes and the way words are strung together in a sentence. Details. Life. And another opportunity for choosing gratitude on a Monday morning, even when it isn’t the autonomic response we would wish it to be.

Choosing gratitude on a Monday morning

Choosing Gratitude on a Monday morning

123. knowing that tough mornings bring with them plenty of space and time for redeeming

124. choosing to press into the redeeming

125. the awkwardness of learning new healthy ways

126. allowing truth to sink in deep and take root

127. the fresh moment to admit my own mistakes, apologize and deepen relationship

128. the grace that our mistakes do not define our identities

129. sunshine and warm welcomes

130.  kids home for spring break

131. other kids off to new adventures for spring break

132. gathering around the table to share a hearty meal, laughter and deep conversation with new friends

133. Monday afternoons

134.  “… for whenever our hearts condemn us, God is greater than our heart, and He knows everything.”  1 John 3:20


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A Christ-follower, wife, mom to 4, lifestyle blogger, seamstress and seeker of daily glimpses of God's grace and redemption.

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