DIY Chalkboard Fabric Bunting Tutorial

How about a midweek project? Or maybe a few days to plan for a weekend project? My guess is you’re either about to be snowed in or dreaming of a beach somewhere and a much-anticipated spring break. Either way, it seems Wednesday is a good day for a creative diversion so here’s a great little project for all those fabric scraps. The DIY Chalkboard Fabric Bunting Tutorial was posted about a year ago, and it’s a great one for any occasion and any time of year. It can be made of fabrics from neutral cottons and linens for a timeless more romantic look to bright festive prints like the one shown here to celebrate all sorts of special events.

chalkboard bunting

Another perk of this bunting is that it can be made
with or without the ruffle and lace trim.

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Ruffled Chalkboard Bunting Supplies

The supplies listed will be enough for 20 bunting flags approximately 4″ x 7″ each

1/4 yard each of 5 coordinating fabrics

1/2 yard of an additional coordinating fabric if you are including a ruffle with your bunting.

4 yards of trim, if desired to use around the chalkboard circle

1 1/4 yards of Wonder-Under fusible webbing

1/4 yard of chalkboard fabric

coordinating fabric

ribbon or twine to hang your bunting

Assembly Instructions

wonder under
Cut the Wonder-Under into 20 strips measuring 4″ x 14″ and iron to the wrong side of each of the 5 fabrics.

This is a perfect project if you have a new rotary cutter and want practice cutting. 

Gathering the Ruffle

If you are adding a ruffle to your bunting, go ahead and cut 20 strips at 2″ x 18″.

gathering threads
Run gathering stitches, 2 parallel lines of a basting stitch – the longest stitch length on your machine – at 1/4″ and 1/2″ ) on the long edge of each ruffle piece.

Securely hold the two ends of the thread on the right side of the fabric and pull the fabric along those threads, gathering as you go. The ruffle strips shown are gathered to a length of about 7″.

gathering stitch
Once your ruffle is gathered to your desired length, stabilize it by wrapping the threads at both ends around a straight pin in a figure 8 pattern.
Adding the Ruffle, Chalkboard Fabric & Trim to each Flag
gathered circle
Gather the ruffle into a circle and center on a single layer of bunting piece, positioning it about an inch below the center line.

Overlap the fabric at the ends of the gathers and stitch near the center to hold this in place. I pulled the ends in towards the center of the circle a little, shown at the bottom of the circle in the picture above, to make the ends a little less obvious.

bunting chalkboard circle
Cut a circle out of chalkboard fabric – I used a jar lid that was about the size I wanted.
chalkboard circle and trim
Place the chalkboard fabric circle in the center of the gathered trim and lay the lace trim on the edge of the chalkboard fabric circle.

Straight or zigzag stitch close to the edge, being sure to catch both the lace and the chalkboard fabric. Overlap the stitching and use a few reverse stitches at the end the secure the stitching. At this point, there should be all sorts of loose threads to trim, and though it takes some time, it’s a very important step.

Remove the paper backing from the wonder under and fold the bunting piece, wrong sides together as it will appear on the ribbon and iron.

folded bunting flag
Fold the bottom edge of the piece at the center, bringing the side together. Cut a triangle out of the bottom, with the point being in the center bottom.
Finishing Touches

Top stitch 1/8″ around the sides and bottom of each bunting flag. Add buttonholes or grommets wide enough for the ribbon you have selected at the top of the bunting piece near each outside edge.

happy bunting
Add your twine or ribbon and you’re ready for a party!

With the chalkboard centers, the option of rearranging the order of the flags themselves and changing out the ribbon or twine, the possibilities are limitless.

chalkboard bunting
Happy Everything Bunting

It’s a hardworking little pop of color and fun for a bedroom, birthday party and all sorts of holidays and events. The list is limitless.

Be sure to post pictures of your completed bunting in the comments section!

As a little side note – this project was a surprise for our girl who thought I didn’t have time to make a bunting in the first place. The other part of the surprise for her was that the yellow check fabric for the ruffle and the trim, though not what we would have picked out, were part of her Grandma’s fabric stash that we inherited and ended up working perfectly with the other fabrics. Her tender-hearted, family-loving self loved that part and being able to hang it in her room year round. So if you have some “not necessarily your first choice” fabric that needs a bit of redeeming, there’s room for it in a project like this.

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