How to think like a dog and why you and I should even consider it

It dawned on me a few weeks ago that I would help myself if I started thinking more like my dog does. The way I figure the whole dog to human years conversion thing makes us just about the same age. And yet somehow he seems to have a bit more wisdom in several areas of life. So, if you’re at all curious about how to think like a dog and why you and I should even consider it, then might I suggest the following …

Mason right face

How to think like a dog and why you and I should even consider it …

Spend way more time curled up in a ball, or sprawled out as far as possible if that’s your preference, snoozing in the sunshine. In the morning. Or the afternoon. Or both!

Celebrate the arrival of guests at the front door. Even if it’s just they’re just delivering your newspaper or tonight’s take out dinner. Whether you’ve ever laid eyes on them or not is irrelevant. Celebrate with unadulterated joy. They came to your door. For you. That’s noteworthy!

Display genuine exuberance when one of your people comes homes. Even if they were only gone long enough to walk to the mailbox and back. This is an exceptional moment deserving of complete abandon.

Mason under table

Curl up at the feet of your people just to be near them. Okay, this one might be a little odd, but you get the idea here. So at the very least, be close enough that your people never have to feel alone in life because you’re right there with them.

Diet? What diet? Some days those yummy scents are worth pursuing and enjoying. I know you say you have to watch what you eat, but I’m thinking like a dog here, and with all this talk of diets it’s like I don’t even know you. I mean seriously, who are you? Do I even know you at all?

Choose to forgive quickly and completely. Dinner was delivered an hour late? No worries! I still love you and feel a deep need to kiss your whole face. Again, this may go a little too far for you people types, but it just might be worth considering.

Bottom line – I’m yours and you’re mine. That makes you my favorite. Of all time. In the history of ever.

Now, who’s up for a quick nap curled up by that one sunny window? And maybe a little snack too? Hmmmm? Pretty please? You might want to up your game a bit on the whole puppy eyes thing there too while you’re at it, buddy. Just sayin’

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4 thoughts on “How to think like a dog and why you and I should even consider it

    1. HA! He does use a pretty broad brush to paint his definition of a “threat of bodily harm” to his people. I suppose we can be grateful for his loyalty, even with his crazy loud barking at all hours of the day!

  1. This makes me smile. Our pets are faithful companions, for sure. We have a little black ….turning grey poodle. She’s almost 14, but is in great shape. I’m with you…and them…let’s take some time to lie around and follow the sun spots today!

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