Join me for the One of these Days Challenge

Okay y’all, here’s the deal … That’s pretty much how I would start this conversation were we sitting across from one another at the local coffee shop. I would be leaning forward, making some sort of not-social-media-worthy face and using my hands way more than is necessary and you would naturally “be hanging on my every word”! I have almost 30 boards and just shy of 4,000 pins on Pinterest. Seriously! Check it out right here. You should go ahead and follow me too while you’re there, I’ve pinned all sorts of awesome ideas for the both of us. The thing is,  I’ve probably actually tried a 100 or so of those. Don’t get me wrong here, I love Pinterest for so many things but it needs to be more than just a collection of super cool ideas and inspiration or I should find something else to do with my 3 spare minutes a day. Just yesterday I thought of another one I’ve wanted to try and yet again that thought was immediately followed by this snarky thought, “One of these days”. And now I’ve decided today is that day. And I’ve also decided that you need to join me for the One of these Days Challenge.

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The details go something like this …

One of these Days Challenge

Take 15 minutes this weekend and scroll through some of your favorite pins. Set a timer so you don’t get lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole and forget to do important things like feed the family dog … or shower.

Pick out 4 pins that take somewhere around 15 – 30 minutes to to try, unless you want to commit to more time in the next four weeks, then by all means knock yourself out!  It could be a recipe or decor item, a craft or fun thing to do in your city, whatever gives you all the heart eyes.

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Gather any necessary supplies for ALL of the pins you’ve selected and find a special box or shelf on which to store them. Try not to make your storage spot too out of the way or you just might forget about the challenge altogether. Ask me how I know …

Now here’s the tough step – DO THEM! Do one of your projects a week for the 4 weeks in April.

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And then tell us about it, because we’ve all been there with good intentions. And when any of us move past good intentions to completed goals it’s cause for celebration. Post an Instagram pic of your completed project, or recipe, or organization or whatever shows your accomplishment, or fail as the case may be. Because the fact that you actually did that “thing” makes it a success, even if the Pinterest gods were not smiling down on you and it looks nothing like the picture. We’ve all been there too!

Go ahead and follow me on Instagram at bethsomuchmoore, you can click this link here,  and use #oneofthesedayschallenge so we can find each other easily. And each week I’ll choose at least one pic to repost.

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And fyi – I’m going to go ahead and start on mine today because I’m an overachiever I’m fully aware that if I don’t get started right away then I’ll turn around and it’ll be May. And then I’ll be defeated. And I’ll need chocolate. And I can’t have #allthechocolate right now because I have a Mother of the Groom dress to fit into by May.

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Got questions? Well ask away in the comments below, otherwise start scrolling, planning and gathering and meet me back here on Monday!


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