Spring Planting and Pudgy Fingers

Yesterday was the first day of spring, which means this will be happening soon. Rosemary, chives, cilantro, lavender, kale and violas will be joining the thyme and aloe, both of which should be awakening and growing strong again in no time. All this along with a new adventure with wheat berries planted in pots just in time to spring to life by Easter morning. And of course there will be plenty of chocolate eggs and sweet treats tucked right in the middle of this new life. Could be that’s why spring planting and pudgy fingers go together so well.

pudgy fingers wheat berries

It seems that digging in the dirt isn’t just for kids or just boys for that matter. What is it about dirt digging that’s so good for the soul? Maybe it’s the back-to-the-basics work itself, the turning of soil with the hands and getting into the thick of it. Or maybe it’s the precise tucking of seeds into finger punched homes. Perchance it’s the waiting upon waiting for the smallest of sprouts to push through the ground and reach for the sky. The promise of what can be and the process of watching such possibility unfold and bloom carries with it an unmistakable sense of healing.

wheat berries

It’s a promise of hope

It’s a promise of hope. Hope that even when things seem impossible, there’s a chance that each new day could hold the very moment in which everything turns on its heels and moves forward into what can be. It’s the moment when the tiny sprout emerges and buds form and then transform into full blooms.

And it’s precisely why a tray full of grass makes for the perfect centerpiece come Easter morning. This day we’ve chosen to celebrate the fact that all is not lost but instead, all has been made new. The dark of winter has passed and a split second later the fresh buds and blooms of spring emerge.

Oh, the glorious hope of this new season and the greatest promise of all time to celebrate right in the middle of it!  I for one can always use a bit of hope on any given day. How about you?


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