Creative therapy Gold-kissed Wooden Bowl

We’re down to less than a handful of weeks left until the next family wedding around here. Lots of planning and big things between alterations and finishing up other desperately needed house projects. I don’t know about you, but in the midst of seasons of chaos, I have a deep need to stop. And when I stop I want to accomplish something creative and yet completely different. Something that can be done in one sitting. So when this little guy was abandoned in our garage after the kids moved into their own place, I decided we were going to be a perfect match. Sure enough, we were and now are. My very own little creative therapy gold-kissed wooden bowl.

Maybe it’s like those kids who are always finding and loving on stray kittens or injured birds. There’s something downright exciting about taking discarded things and giving them new life. Last summer I can home from the Haven Blogging Conference with several pots of awesome paints from the friendly folks at Deco-Art.

I’ve used this Gold metallic for several projects, like the burlap canvas art in our closet makeover last fall,  and the wood slice ornaments at Christmas. There’s something almost magical that happens when we layer textures and colors and styles. Both of these projects had the ruggedness of burlap or wood and the natural brown earth tone backdrop that made the metallic paint pop with color and created depth. The same concept is at work in this little wooden bowl.

It looked quite dry when I rescued it from the thrift shop box.  I sat down one evening, loaded a soft bristled brush with paint and them dabbed most of it off onto a Styrofoam plate before smooshing what little paint was left on the brush on the bottom of the bowl. It was a basic dry brush technique with the bristles going this way and that so as not to leave the gold with too much of a sense of order.

Original plans were for a gradual fade from the wood to the gold somewhere around halfway up the outside of the bowl. As it turned out, it didn’t look near as good in person as the idea in my head. So out came the painter’s tape on a Sunday afternoon and another 5-minute paint dabbing session.

Now a bit of food safe wax or even some high-quality olive oil and it’s ready to dish up tonight’s dinner salad. Or maybe a yarn ball collection for knitting, or decks of cards for a little Sunday afternoon post-dinner competition. And, if someday I get tired of the gold paint, then I can simply paint over it with another color. Or even, go all dramatic and use a little paint remover with a touch of elbow grease and start all over.

In the meantime, it’s nice to pause in the middle of big exciting long-term projects and plans to redeem a forgotten little treasure. And creating with little more than a vague idea of the finished product can be its own kind of therapy. Do y’all find yourself drawn to quick little rescue projects like this too? It kind of amazes me how such a snippet of time can clear the brain fog that settles in during those long hauls.

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2 thoughts on “Creative therapy Gold-kissed Wooden Bowl

  1. This is a super, fast, great improvement. You’d pay the big bucks for that at Pottery Barn!

    I love fast and easy projects with a quick reward. It does help balance out those big ones that seem to go on and on.

    Is the greenery real or faux? It looks amazing in your new bowl.

    Praying for your countdown until the big day!

    1. Thanks friend! The fast and easy projects that actually turn out are an extra bonus! The woolly Lamb’s Ear is faux from Ikea – $4 a pot – this entire bowl would hold 3 little pots, and I cant kill it!! Thanks for the prayers – I’m doing the same for you!

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