Making these moments last

Have you ever wished for a pause button?  One that could make time stand still for a bit so you can soak it all in? Kind of like taking a picture to remember an event, and wishing there was a secret to making these moments last longer than the split second it took to snap the shot.

Barn doors and Biceps

The only way I’ve ever found to do that is in quieting my mental calendar and focusing on the moments and people in front of me. That’s pretty much what’s been going on in our world. And we’re not quite through the activity of it all. What with prom and wedding preparations and new jobs and the like, it’s a constant celebration around here.

A sweet lady offered her congratulations later that night. Do you think maybe it was the train that made her look so bridal? …

When there’s so much wonder to take in, life just has to slow down a bit or the significance of it all will be lost. That, my friends, would be just plain tragic in my book.

The whole gang

I don’t always get it right, this slowing down. But what I do know is that it’s never too late to start again. So I’ll be asking for a bit of grace in the next few weeks as we prepare for our boy’s wedding and the sweetest of Mother’s Days. I’ll be back, hopefully in our usual routine here soon enough. But if not and our little chats here are a bit sparse from time to time, know that I’m enjoying some much-needed rest or family time.  And I would hope the same for you.

Apparently “ILY” is their official gang sign?

In the meantime, here are a few more moments from the very last Junior Prom at our house. And in case you haven’t figured out, this one here is never really inclined to let a moment pass without giving it some sort of significance. And humor. That’s just how she rolls.

Candids will always and forever be my favorites.

Her answer to my “What was your favorite part?” mom question the following afternoon … “All of it!”

Or maybe this one’s my favorite … it’s hard to say!

Until next year …

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6 thoughts on “Making these moments last

  1. These prom pictures were so fun! My 2nd daughter will be going to prom (junior year) next month. Your daughter has such a fun personality!!! Love that she had Converse on!

    1. How fun, Jodi – I’ll be looking for your pictures! Isn’t it just fun to watch how their personalities come out in so many different ways! Happy weekend, friend

    1. Christine, I should have explained that! Claire is making the American Sign Language sign for “I love you!” or ILY if you have a teen who texts

  2. Love reading these blogs Beth!! I would love to be close to you to experience these times with you sweet friend! Hugs to you! Miss you!
    Michele Friesen

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