One of these Days Wool Dryer Balls

It’s here! The first day of my “One of these Days”. If I’ve completely lost you then you can check out the details on our challenge first, and then come right back. My first project has taken a total of about 7 minutes at this point, and yet I’ve intended to do these for at least 3 or 4 years Craziness! I know. So while my little project flops around in the dryer, it’s a good time to fill you in on my One of these Days Wool Dryer Balls.

The links I pinned oh so long ago …

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The first time I pinned this idea was quite possibly 4 years ago. Jill of One Good Thing does a great job of explaining why dryer balls even work for fluffing clothes. I’ve linked her full tutorial for saving time, money and energy by making dryer balls so you can get all the details. She has all sorts of great ideas on her site that are worth checking out too!

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Claire of A Little Claireification also has a tutorial for making dryer balls on her blog . She even includes a handy little graphic spelling out all the benefits of using wool dryer balls. Again, an entire site well worth checking out.

One of these Days | Wool dryer balls

Like I said, I think I had a skein of wool yarn wrapped into 2 balls in about 7 minutes or so. I found the “I love this wool” yarn at Hobby Lobby and ended up paying about $3.50 with my coupon. That comes out to $1.75 per dryer ball, definitely cheaper than you can buy them ready made.

I also could not locate my kitchen twine, story of my life, so I just tied a knot in the leg of the hose as close to the dryer ball as I could get it. It worked just fine, which means your shopping list just got even shorter. You’re welcome!

I plan to add a few drops of lavender to my dryer balls before I toss them in with the laundry. They say the scent should last for 5 to 6 loads, at which point I’ll grab another scent from my Young Living Oil stash, I’m thinking maybe orange or wintergreen! I love using my oils for so many different things, and I’m quite sure this will be added to the list in no time.

While we’re talking about dryer balls, I choose not to throw them in with my bath towels. They do make your towels fluffy but they also reduce their absorbency at the same time. Thanks for that little tip, Pinterest.

So there you have it, project one of the #oneofthesedayschallenge. Don’t forget to add your own pics of whatever pin you actually try too. Use the hashtag #oneofthesedayschallenge on social media and it makes it easier for us to find your great ideas. You know the rest of us could always use a few more!

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    1. I’m kind of excited about them. I would only have 2 recommendations for you …
      1 – Don’t wait 4 years to invest the 7 minutes
      2 – Tell me what oils you prefer – always looking for ideas on this one
      Happy weekend sweet friend 🙂

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