The Quickest DIY Hanging Light in the History of Ever

It’s week three, y’all! I know, now you’re panicked and trying to figure out what in the world you’ve missed. Let’s just say if you haven’t been here for week 1 and week 2 of our One of These Days Challenge, then that means you haven’t been able to knock out some of those cool ideas you pinned forever and a day ago. And basically, as we’ve been known to say around our house, “stinks to be you”, please read that phrase in the light-hearted way it was intended, otherwise you may be a bit offended by the crass bluntness of it all. But really it’s not that serious, though you have missed a little fun, I’m not gonna lie. No worries though, there’s still time for today’s project, because it truly is the quickest DIY hanging light in the history of ever. Seriously. It’s that quick …

You might consider this a PSA of sorts. Or a little confidence booster for those of you who consider yourselves DIY-challenged. Or a sense of accomplishment for those overwhelmed with gargantuan projects that you fear will never be done. Whatever you want to call it, it really is the quickest DIY hanging light in the history of ever. Surely you’ve seen them all over Pinterest and it only takes a few quick steps.

The How-to Step-by-Step

Make a quick trip to your local Target, or as some have called it the mother ship. This will be the toughest step for many of you. I’ve seen your Instagram feeds and stories and we know who you are. The ones who have never used the words “quick and Target” together in a sentence. I’ll just say best of luck not getting sucked into the rabbit hole that is a quick dash to Target.

Grab a wire wastebasket. Like this $3 one from the Dollar Spot with a nice neat hole right smack in the middle of the bottom. You may as well pick up an Edison light bulb while you’re there too. You’ll need that later. While you’re there if you could be a dear and grab one for me too, I never can seem to remember to pick one up when I’m actually out. Thanks!

Take it home, along with the Starbucks that you snagged while you were at Target. Really, it’s okay. Coffee truly is a DIY motivator. You can check most of the DIYer feeds on Instagram for proof. It’s there.

Hurry home and grab that light kit out of the box in the basement closet, or pick one up At IKEA or Amazon Prime, my equivalent of target sans the need to don real clothes.

Que your favorite artist or band, and let’s get to it.

Flip the wastebasket upside down.

Pull the plug and light cord through the hole in the bottom of the wastebasket, like so. Here’s a pic, just in case the whole DIY thing has you too freaked out to think right now.

Hang it on a couple of swag hooks, or from an old ladder, or a bunk bed frame or the extended arm of your tallest child … you get the idea.

Turn on your new light and shut off all the others. Be sure to do this step in the suggested order or you may find yourself with a stubbed toe.

See! I told ya so! I knew you could do it!

Post a pic on instagram with the #oneofthesedayschallenge and tag bethsomuchmoore. Because everyone knows that if it isn’t documented on social media somewhere then it didn’t really happen.

Plop down in the closest comfy spot by your new light and read something lighthearted, or scroll thru Pinterest or take a nap or catch up on the most recent scientific journal, or whatever it is you do for fun … all the while reveling in the fact that you just created the quickest DIY hanging light in the history of ever. If you went old school hipster and used a record player instead of a playlist, go ahead and sneak a 30-minute nap in before your album is ready to be flipped over.

Oh, and when you wake up – tell yourself that You’re a DIY Rockstar! Rock on!

And you might want to go ahead and pin this image here … for later … when you forget that you’ve got it in you to dive into a little DIY project.


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