The Spring Wardrobe Switch and Closet Makeover Update

Many of you followed along and participated last fall in the Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Project with Amanda from Life on the Bay Bush and Tori from Mess to Blessed. It was a month that started with more than it’s fair share of chaos and wrapped up all neat and tidy with more curated wardrobes and closets. And since the weather finally seems to be warming up for good, it seems a good day to share the spring wardrobe switch and closet makeover update with y’all.

The spring wardrobe switch and closet makeover update

I decided a few days ago that it really was time to make the switch and I have to say it’s not a process I dread anymore. Whereas it used to take hours and lugging boxes up from the basement and back down again, I actually just tackled it last night. In less than 90 minutes. That may sound like a lot of time until you think about everything included in the process.

The Closet Makeover Reveal for under $30 using repurposed items, elbow grease and a bit of imagination.

First, there was pulling winter clothes out of boxes and drawers and off hangers, followed by pulling the spring and summer clothes out of the boxes on the top shelf of the closet. Yay for not having to lug them up from the basement! Then the winter clothes were folded, a giveaway box was filled and the rest were stored in the covered boxes and lined back up on the top shelf of the closet. Finally, the spring clothes were hung, folded and tucked into their designated drawers and that was the end of it. Well, mostly because I decided to take a few minutes and tidy up the clutter that had been stored on the shelves for too long.

The big difference

The simplicity of this process can be attributed to two distinct choices.


1 – Purging my wardrobe in one fell swoop over a year ago, and continuing to purge along the way. Though it is not a pure minimalist wardrobe, it is one that works for me and my needs. And I’m pretty sure I will continue my current trend of passing on more items each season and accumulating less as time goes on.



2 – The Closet Makeover last fall has been a good motivator to keep this space neat. I never realized that a closet could be calming, and dare I say even pretty? Organizing is part of my DNA, I’m sure of it, but it is not for my husband and that is something we’ve sorted through most years of our marriage. But even he has enjoyed the functional tidiness of the closet and a slimmed down wardrobe and has been motivated to keep the clutter on his side to a minimum compared to what it had been.


Of all the spring cleaning tips out there, I think a serious, deep purge is the key to maintaining any semblance of order, regardless of what that looks like for you. So how about you. I know it’s not for everyone but I’m curious, would you be one who could enjoy a simpler curated wardrobe? Or maybe a closet with decorative touches like artwork hanging on the wall? Or is that just way outside the box for who you are?

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