Real-life Moments and some refreshing reading ideas

It’s been a fairly quiet cue-the-crickets kind of month around here. When I say here, I mean this space on the world wide interwebs as I’ve heard it referred to. In the real-life moments of the day, it’s been anything but quiet. More like a raucous kids-all-jacked-up-on-summertime-and-sugar celebration, complete with enough coffee and Aleve for all the grown-up types.  And yesterday held a few quiet moments locked in a bathroom hiding from the breadth and width of all these changes sipping a blood orange spritzer in the cutest little local eatery as yet another one of our birds prepares to fly across the great pond for a summer study abroad program. It’s been a virtual fruit basket of emotions that there isn’t time or space to delve into.

Kentucky Native Cafe – Lexington

Real-life Moments

And this week I’m preparing for my most colossal yard sale ever.  An Instagram friend just held a “Hoard Sale” and I’m thinking it’s the best description for when you want to sell half your house and downsize. Just in case you were curious, you don’t have to be anywhere near hoarder status for that to be a tall order.

Hopefully, in the midst of collecting, organizing and tagging items there will be snippets of time to edit snapshots from the past few weeks and collect a few more moments. All the while I’ll be thinking about the steps along this simplifying journey that have lead to more margin and intentional living.

Carmella’s thoughts on Simple Living

Real-life Moments | Carmella
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Like the gift of my wise and talented friend Carmella, and her story of finding beauty in simplicity. I’m dreaming about her shelter plans and how very fun it would be for one of these to be in our future.  And I just may spend a lunch or two catching up on a few of her blog posts on this whole topic of living small.

Sarah’s thoughts and course on Finding Time

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Photo used with permission from Finding Time to Hold Dearly course

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Then there’s the blessing of friendship with Sarah and her course all about finding time finding time for what really matters. Remembering the basics of a healthy lifestyle and relationships and time and decluttering the stuff of life and prioritizing each of these appropriately.  If you’re interested in streamlining your life this summer too, then you might want to check out my review of her course. The best part is that she is offering 40% off the usual price through Wednesday, May 31st! 

Finding your own free local refreshing

Summer refreshing at Kentucky Native Cafe

The arrival of summer also signals the start of our weekly Jazz in the Park Series. Four months of gathering at a local park with camping chairs, a picnic dinner and time for easy conversation with friends and family to the backdrop of some great free local bands. It has become the equivalent of a summertime lemonade break in its refreshing pause.

Here’s to a summer that holds a beautiful balance of adventure and rest, excitement and quiet and plenty of sweet tea, or blood orange spritzers if you prefer. Happy summer, friends!

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2 thoughts on “Real-life Moments and some refreshing reading ideas

  1. I can’t imagine: Half of your babies out of the nest, one in Europe for the Summer, only one at home. . . My own children have moved up also and I am coming to grips with having a High School Senior for the next three years (not one kid, three consecutive ones God willing). Thankfully they all have jobs. If I had to foot the bill for three Seniors back-to-back-to-back. . . Well it takes selling off all that “stuff” in the garage just to house and feed them!

    1. Oh my goodness, Tammy! So true, it really does go so quickly! 3 seniors, 3 years in a row … I guess I know how to pray for all of you! Pretty exciting stuff 🙂

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