The 2-letter prefix that makes all the difference

Isn’t it amazing the difference 2 little letters can make in the grand scheme of things? Think caffeinated vs. decaffeinated … a quantum difference, whatever time of day it is. Take the “em” prefix. It has the power to shift tough days into sweet memories that are worth looking back on purely for the smile it brings to your day.

2-letter prefix

It can take us …

From “Bracing”

Many more days than we would like to count, we find ourselves bracing for the “what-ifs” of tomorrow. Continually planning and running thru worst-case scenarios.

It can be helpful, this being prepared for tomorrow. Or it can be hurtful. Hurtful when the focus is on the lack. Especially when it’s just perceived lack that may never actually come to be.

The 2-letter prefix has made all the difference

From bracing for a son to get married and moving away for several coming months … to embracing a new daughter and the joy of an ever-growing family.

From bracing for a daughter’s summer of tromping around the other side of the world full of new friends and foreign experiences … to embracing the excitement of adventure in her eyes and the myriad of ways these weeks will grow, challenge and change all of us, leaving us richer for it on the other side of this eternal month.

From bracing for a mid-life career change for your husband and the unknowns of starting a business … to embracing the good that comes in the freedom of schedules and exploring every possibility.

From bracing for the need to downsize in every way – housing, finances, things once deemed too sentimental, life demands …  to embracing this trimming away of excess that leaves a lightened load and unforeseen breathing room in its wake.

From bracing for mistakes in the learning curve of a new job … to embracing the opportunity to master new skills and the life lessons that come right alongside such a wildly fulfilling adventure.

From bracing for the grief in the wake of a grim diagnosis … to embracing multiple weekend getaways in the company of family and the anticipation of an unforgettable trip with those who’ve walked life’s journey with us longer than any other.

To “Embracing”

In the end, the difference is simply this – stopping in the heat of the moment to add the “em” and see the blessing.

And it’s in seeing the blessing that our hearts, days and relationships are realigned to take their rightful places. And when that happens, well there’s no describing the change. You’ll just have to try it and see for yourself.

In the weeks and months ahead you can expect to hear a little more about some of our most recent adventures.  Our newlyweds who will soon be joining the other still-newlyweds and the rest of us, for a few years at least. Our house rental/downsizing/flipping escapades, they’re sure to be an adventure. Our traveling girl, affectionately referred to as “Em”, and how to embrace these kid-launching years, or at least a request for prayers as we all figure out how to let them soar. Our new jobs, that are really too much fun to be called jobs most days. And our trip-of-a-lifetime with my Dad, brother, sister and each of our spouses as we celebrate the miracles in my brother’s brain cancer journey and soak up every moment we have to live this life to the fullest. 

And in the meantime? Well, in the meantime I pray that you are enjoying the difference of the “em”. And if you would like some extra prayers on behalf of what you are seeking to embrace, leave a comment or send me an email, I’d love to add you to my prayers!

About Beth Moore

A Christ-follower, wife, mom to 4, lifestyle blogger, seamstress and seeker of daily glimpses of God's grace and redemption.

12 thoughts on “The 2-letter prefix that makes all the difference

  1. Hi Beth!! I really enjoyed reading this, this morning!! I miss you!! I hope you and your family are doing well!! Say hi to all of them for me!! Have a blessed day!!

  2. Love the prefix Em! I’m bracing for the potty training struggles and messes. All the while embracing the fact this is our last in diapers.
    Love you!

  3. Aaaahhhh! Beth, you have written the perfect message for my heart during this season of launching children.

    1. I can only imagine the emotions for you Kimberly! It’s amazing how we spend years preparing them to be independent and when we finally hit that goal we find that we’re the ones who are completely unprepared! Praying for you and yours ❤

  4. I love this Beth! It is amazing how much a slight change in thinking creates a significant shift in our souls. Since I read your post it started me thinking on other prefixes- and this is the one I keep mulling over in my head:
    deem (considered; judged; reckoned)
    RE-deem (save; vindicate; recover; reclaim)
    What a sweet thought! Thanks for starting this rabbit trail in my head…
    Love you & looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks❤️

    1. “A slight change in thinking creates a significant shift in our souls.” Such a great way to word it, Sarah. And deemed to redeemed – Wow! That’s one I’ll be mulling over as I pack up boxes and dream about redeeming our next home and parenting adults and whatever tomorrow may hold, as scary as that may seem some mornings! I love you and can’t wait for the trips ahead 🙂 🙂 🙂

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