It’s not a race … or is it?

You’ve heard the quote, I’m sure. The one that boldly declares this life to be a journey and not a race. It’s most often served with a side of deep relief. And as delightful and deeply satisfying as it truly is, how is it that we habitually drift to ordering more frenzied options? Until it’s the only choice we have, that is. Then we come back to the basics. The comfort food of enjoying the journey, if you will.

The narrowing of choices usually comes in one unwelcome moment for which we feel completely unprepared. Yet, time has a way of softening the shock and somewhere along the way we get to choose to see the blessing over the lack.

That’s what it seems to come down to, doesn’t it? This idea of lack. But what is lack, really? Maybe it’s not at all what we believed it to be in the first place. Maybe “lack” is simply choosing not to look for the blessings hiding in the dish we’ve been served. The one we never ordered.

The journey … it’s not a race …

Just over eight months ago I shared my brother Andy’s Glioblastoma diagnosis.  Definitely not what any of us had ordered. We were shocked and dismayed. Then we were prayed for and amazed. Now we are hopeful and blessed.

We’re hopeful in knowing that in just over eight weeks,  Andy and Liz will actually be returning to Russia to continue the work they’ve done there for almost 20 years.  We never dared dream of such a thing just a handful of months ago.  Months that have provided an opportunity to savor the feast of days we’ve been served.

… or is it?

We’re blessed to join with others this next weekend as we participate in a race to help others on the toughest journey of their lives. Much of my family will be running walking to raise money for brain cancer research. We’re running in honor of Andy.

Susie Ransbottom Witty

We’re running in memory of Susie Witty, my cousin’s sister, whose journey was cut short of what her family would have ordered. But oh what a journey it was! She was an occupational therapist certified in hand care. She used her own hands to bring hope to others. From people overcoming disabilities in Haiti to those affected by leprosy in India.

Join us?

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Next weekend we are running a race. And though you may not be able to sweat alongside us, we would welcome your encouragement for those fighting brain cancer. You can find more details and join our team, “Those Witty Leiningers“.  You can find more details and join our team to make the toughest of journeys just a little better for others.

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6 thoughts on “It’s not a race … or is it?

  1. What an awesome thing to support! I have teary eyes thinking of these two precious people in your life. An abundance of prayers have been answered….some the way hoped for the other with deep loss. Either way God still remains good. May you all walk with joy overflowing this weekend at all God has done and continues to do! Everyday truly is a gift for all of us!
    Hugs, my friend

    1. It was such a sweet weekend, with about 20 family members and knowing of the hundreds who have prayed! And that multiplied by all those gathered to support those fighting this battle. I can’t even imagine how many prayers have been lifted for so many! Thanks sweet friend!!

  2. This is an amazing story, Beth! I can’t even imagine going through all of this without our Lord & Savior!! How was the race? I’m sure it was emotional, but full of hope!

    Blessings to your family


    1. Oh, Jodi, I can not even imagine walking through one day in my own strength. I’ve tried too many times and it’s just plain ugly! It was a sweet day, walking with family (my time matched my age :o), honoring those who have fought and continue to fight, and hugging on my blessing of a cousin who lost her own sister to GBM. And yes, there’s always hope! Even when the answers aren’t the ones we’ve prayed for! Hugs to you sweet friend!!

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