On learning curves and hang time

Can we all just pause and say Hooray for the weekend? Even after a 4-day week, this pause is such a beautiful treat. This weekend has me thinking on learning curves and hang time. Perhaps it’s a few pics I came across on my phone last night, or maybe the fact that I’m just past ready for that boy of ours and his bride to come back for the school year. Either way, I’m hoping somehow there will be a bit of this in my weekend …

on learning curves and hang time

and maybe a little of this …

on learning curves and hang time

Learning Curve

Definitely not this, my first introduction to getting into an Eno. Hung a bit high, happily documented by the boy mentioned above and enjoyed entirely too much by our tall girl. For those not really interested in being outside in the heat of summer, then I do hope you enjoy the Instagram entertainment at my expense šŸ˜‰

Hang Time

I did eventually figure it out, and it also helps when one of you kids has compassion on you and hangs that thing a bit lower on the tree.

And now I’m thinking I should borrow one of the kid’s hammocks, head to the park, set up a hot spot and add one of these bad boys to my wish list.

I’m not sure what yours usually entails – cleaning, sleeping in, catching up, lounging around, enjoying family and friends. Whatever is on your calendar for the next few days ahead, I do hope it involves more hang time and less Advil.

And just to make it a little easier if you too are interested in this cheap relaxing and highly-repeatable date, I’ve added some affiliate links. Basically, that means if you click on the links I’ve provided and decide to make a purchase, then I’ll make a little commission. It does not cost you anything extra, it just makes it easier for you to find products.

Happy Weekend Friends!

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