Hey! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. I suppose a little introduction is in order …

Our first official family photo
Our first official family photo

That’s me. The proud Mama to the left of the bride.  And that would be our crew. You can probably guess that life has been quite an adventure, even on the slow days.

I am a wife & mama to four great kids, now five, & a really big dog. I am a lover of family time, natural fibers and layers of texture, blueberry iced tea and new paleo recipes, thrift shopping and tent camping, flavored “chick” coffee and dark chocolate, the beach and the mountains and laughing entirely too loud when we watch the movie Elf every Christmas. We live in the heart of the bluegrass, but I have also been blessed to live amongst the prairies of the Midwest, the foothills of the Rockies and the sandy beaches of the southeast.

What will you find here you may wonder? A smattering of …

…sewing projects for the beginner to the more advanced creator

…encouragement for the day-to-day

…great ideas and discoveries that I’ve stumbled upon

…lessons that God is teaching me

…do-able DIY projects that don’t require previous carpentry experience

…simple tutorials – often in the sewing realm

…decorating with elements of your story

…amusing & embarrassing moments and survival tips for parenting 4 teens

…a place to connect with others on this journey we call life

…an ever present thread of redemption …

for battered antiques, discarded fabric, rough days and a soul in need of a Savior.

Stick around and let’s see where this journey called life takes us. I know I can always use a few more friends by my side and I’m guessing you may well feel the same.