Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Project

Welcome to Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Project!

mission-organization-closet rescue-project
This is it! The Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Challenge. Join 3 bloggers as we makeover our closets and let’s all head into fall with less chaos and more order in our lives.


We’re so glad you’ve joined us for this fun little project. Whether you’re a neat freak or a messy, blessed with a walk-in closet the size of Texas or a hanging rack in the corner of a room … this project if for you. And it’s great fun to undertake with friends, because anything done with friends is always better! And chocolate, chocolate makes things better too. Now that we have the important stuff settled!

Meet the Bloggers …

Mission Organization |Closet Rescue is a collaboration betwee 3 bloggers …

Amanda from lifeonthebaybushblog.com

Go ahead and pause right now to follow her on instagram @ thebaybush, on pinterest @ life on the bay bush and on facebook @ life on the bay bush blog – click on each of the underlined links to go straight to her pages.

Tori from messtoblessed.com

You can pause right now and follow her on instagram @messtoblessed, on pinterest @ Mess to Blessed and on facebook @ Mess to Blessed – click on each of the underlined links to go straight to her pages.

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Follow along this Series

To make it easy for you to find this series of posts, I will be updating each week

The Intro | The Great Closet Rescue

Mission Organization | Closet Rescue @ SoMuchMoore

Mission Organization | Closet Rescue @ MessToBlessed

Mission Organization | Closet Rescue @ LifeOnThe BayBush

Week 1 | The purge

Mission Organization | The Great Closet Purge @ SoMuchMoore

Mission Organization | Closet Purge @ MessToBlessed

Mission Organization | Closet Rescue – Phase 1 -The Purge @ LifeOnTheBayBush

Week 2| The DIYs and organizational process

Mission Organization | DIY Projects @ SoMuchMoore

Mission Organization | Closet Quick Tips and Tricks @ MessToBlessed

Mission Organization | Closet Rescue – Phase 2 – The DIYs @ LifeOnTheBayBush

Week 3 | The big reveal

Mission Organization | The Closet Makeover Reveal @ SoMuchMoore

Mission Organization | Closet Rescue Finale @ MesstoBlessed

Mission Organization | Closet Reveal @ LifeOnTheBayBush

We would absolutely love for y’all to grab a friend or two and join us. You’ll be amazed by the end how clearing out those items you really don’t wear will motivate you to reoganzie and spruce up your space. And suddenly, choosing what to wear, or deciding whether or not to purchase that gorgeous blouse at 40% off won’t be a tough decision at all!

Don’t forget to follow each of us on social media and send pictures of your closet makeover to blog@somuchmoore.net to be eligible for a grand prize drawing to be held on September 24, 2016. See details and entry instructions at the end of the Closet Makeover Reveal Post here.

If you have questions, feel free to shoot an e-mail to blog@somuchmoore.net