Write 31 Days

I love a good DIY. It’s the creating something out of nothing that’s just so fun!

Apparently, so does much of America, or thrift shopping, HGTV and Pinterest wouldn’t be so wildly popular these days. There’s just a deep satisfaction in creating. Even better? Bringing new life and purpose to the discarded, off-kilter or out of sorts.

Actually I love restoring. That’s the best!

It explains the exact blog links that pop up on my homescreen on my phone to greet me when I have a free moment after the chaos that is the day.

And layers of texture. Layers are my favorite!

They give dimension, context and a back story. Whether its layers of paint on an old chippy door or the assortment of textiles that accent a bag. Layers give depth and life, if you will, to a piece.

This week I’ve been stripping away layers of paint from an old dresser. A freebie that a dad had used then passed on to his son. His now 8-year old son had declared he needed something more mature, and rightly so.

Official dresser for the 8 year old neighbor boy
Official dresser for the 8 year old neighbor boy

They tagged it free at their yard sale, which is how it came to be in my garage, stripped of paint for my college son. It will be more mature. Soon. We hope.

I’ve also been working on a little surprise for our baby’s big birthday party. Strips of fabric remnants for a bunting that she liked from her Grandma’s house. I showed it to her yesterday afternoon and she was surprised. And thrilled. And loved that little snippets and memories of Grandma’s passion were going to be hanging right up there on her bedroom wall all year round. Well, after tonight that is, when they will be greeting her guests with the “Happy Sweet 16” sentiment.

Birthday bunting
Birthday bunting

Life’s the same way. I seem to learn in layers.

Each year there’s a new word. Some years it comes easily, others not so much. Some years, I’ve been 7 weeks in before it came to me, but I knew right away it was the one He had chosen for me. It’s always exciti-terrifying. Exciting for what I will learn and uncover. Terrifying for the journey that learning may demand. Yet with each journey comes a new layer of understanding and appreciation. Each one bringing more context, depth and beauty than the last, even with the bruises and scars.

This year’s word is fearless. I suppose that’s why for the next 31 days I’ll be fearlessly blogging about choosing to redeem. I’ll be adding links for each day’s post on this page for easy reference. Most of these will focus on a DIY project of some sort, yet in the midst of that will be the woven thread of Christ’s redemption. He has chosen to redeem our lives, our off-kilter school mornings and even our messed up musings.

It’s a journey ya’ll. There are many layers to explore. each one bringing more depth, beauty, bruises and understanding. but in the end, they all lead to purpose and new life for the tired, worn out and discarded. So grab a paint brush, needle, pen, cup of coffee and join me on this grand adventure… of choosing to redeem, won’t you?

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31 Days of Choosing to Redeem
Day 31 Days of Choosing to Redeem